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Enjoy The Christmas Spirit With Our Favourite Drinks

Christmas is the one time of year where we can splash out on our favourite things and that includes our favourite spirits. We were kindly sent these to review. Take a look below at our top picks for spirits this Christmas:

Drinks For Christmas

Espensen Spirit’s Gin Genie Blueberry Gin – £29.50

Espensen Spirits GinGin seems to be one of the most popular drinks to have at Christmas this year with flavours such as blueberry, original and many more being released. Espensen Spirit ‘s Gin Genie Blueberry Gin which is made in Bristol is full of berry flavour and is 37.5% volume in alcohol, The base Gin is made from a 200-year-old multi award winning recipe.

This Gin has no artificial colours and has blueberry and a bit of sugar to it. To taste you instantly get the blueberry taste but it is not bitter or too sharp and it still has that gin taste that we’re used to. 50p from every bottle bought will be donated to a local Bristol Cancer Charity.

You can find out more about Espensen Spirit Gin Blueberry here


Feeneys Irish CreamFeeney’s Irish Cream – £15.00

Feeney’s Irish Cream is a beautiful rich dairy cream with whisky. The whisky itself has been matured for three years to give it a unique taste.  This Irish Cream is smooth and rich to taste and with a little bit of ice added makes the perfect drink for Christmas. We also tried it in Hot Chocolate and have to say it was stunning. Not only did it take the sweetness of the hot chocolate, it gave it a really rich, creamy taste.

You can find out more about Feeneys Irish Cream Here


Espensen Spirit VodkaEspensen Spirit Pink Grapefruit And Raspberry Vodka – £26.00

Next up is PG Sips Pink Grapefruit & Raspberry Vodka. It has a deep red colour, is 30% volume of alcohol and comes in 50cl and 20cl bottles. Made by Espensen Spirit in Bristol, it leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth, making it the perfect accompaniment to our favourite chocolate puddings, tarts and even Christmas cake, to counteract some of the sweetness these desserts offer.

You can drink PG Sips neat, or if you’re looking for a tall drink, try this with soda water or even a bit of lemonade. When buying a bottle of this vodka, 50p will be donated to the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Bristol, which rescues and re-homes around 800 animals every year.

You can find out more about Espensen Spirit Pink Grapefruit And Raspberry Vodka here


Liqueur De Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream – £14.99Strawberry Cream Tequila

Liqueur De Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream is a Strawberry Cream Liqueur with a splash of tequila. This liqueur is 15% volume and smells absolutely stunning. You instantly get the smell of Strawberry Cream (which slightly reminded us of the Strawberry Creams in a Quality Street tin) but you could smell the hint of Tequila when it was poured.

To taste the strawberry cream really came through and then you could taste the Tequila but it wasn’t too strong to drink. Drink this over ice, in a coffee or why not try making the Rockin’ Rose Cocktail recipe which you can find on the back of the bottle. The bottle is black and has beautiful silver roses over the logo – very elegant!

You can find out more about Liqueur De Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Here


Rhubarb Vodka By J.J Whitley – £19.99Rhubard Flavoured Vodka

Next up is a new vodka, Rhubarb Flavoured Vodka by J.J Whitley which to look is a very light blush colour and is a smooth vodka.

To taste it is quite sweet and delicate as it has been made with hand-picked Rhubarb and tastes at its best when this vodka has been chilled in the fridge. We added a strawberry to our glass after serving this with some soda water and a bit of ice to make a tall refreshing drink.

You can find out more about this J.J Whitley Rhubarb Vodka Here


Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur – £39.99

Mr Black CoffeeNext up is one of our favourites, Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur. The bottle is a square bottle with a black lid and you can see the contents as it is a clear bottle. When we opened this up we were instantly hit with the coffee smell which we loved. This is 15% volume in alcohol so the perfect drink if your not looking for a high alcohol drink. Trying this just on it’s own, we could taste the coffee but it didn’t leave a harsh or bitter taste in our mouth as it has that slight alcohol taste at the end which left a nice taste.

Then we tried it in a coffee liqueur and that’s where we felt it at its best, coffee and then adding coffee liqueur…perfect! When we made our coffee we made it with no milk or sugar just a very small amount of coffee and then we added a small amount of the liqueur and it was stunning to drink. It brought out the toffee and chocolate flavours this drink has to offer and we have to say it will definitely be on our Christmas table this year!

You can find out more about Mr Black Cold Coffee Press here


Fonseca Ruby PortFonseca Porto Bin No.27 Finest Reserve – £14.99

Fonseca Porto Bin No.27 Finest Reserve is the perfect after dinner drink. Port is just one of those drinks that goes down easily and this port is no exception.

With its deep rich colour and fruity taste, this full-bodied  port would go perfectly with any dessert or if you’re having friends and family round for a cheese and crackers night!

You can find out more about Fonseca Porto Bin No.27 Here

Curio Cardamom VodkaCurio Cardamom Vodka – £29.00

We had never tried Cardamon Vodka before so when we received Curio Cardamon Vodka were looking forward to giving it a try. When we opened up the bottle we were instantly hit with the smell of Cardamon which was quote a strong smell of spices and of citrus.

We tried a very small amount neat just to taste and we could taste the Cardamon straight away however it was not overpowering and left a nice citrus taste in our mouth. We then added some fresh orange juice, to get a tall drink with some crushed ice and it gave a stunning citrus taste and was very refreshing to drink.

You can find out more about Curio Cardamom Vodka Here


Black Cow Vodka – £31.75

Made In West Dorset at Childhay Manor, Black Cow vodka is a pure milk vodka. It is the world’s first pure milk vodka which has been made entirely of milk from cows that are  grass grazed and nothing else. This vodka has been triple filtered to give it a smooth, velvet finish.

To taste and smell it is just like any other vodka however it is smoother than some vodkas and has a smooth finish. We tried this vodka both on its own and in a cocktail and we have to say it tasted lovely. We had it firstly neat but again this was only a very small amount as it is 40% volume. Then we tried it in a cocktail with some cranberry juice and splash of lime cordial, again we could taste the vodka and left a lovely taste.

You can find out more about Black Cow Vodka Here

Cockburns Special Response Port – £14.99Cocktails Special Reserve

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a few bottles of Port and Cockburns Special Reserve Port is the perfect addition. This port is a full-bodied drink which has a dry finish. To taste this has fruity notes of dried plums and is a rich, mellow texture. Once poured this drink has a deep ruby colour and has a deep garnet edge. Have Cockburns Port with cheese and biscuits, dark chocolate or with red meats.

You can find out more about Cockburns Special Reserve Here

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