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Festive Fun With Jumbo Games Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

We were delighted when Jumbo sent us over 2 of their 1000 piece festive jigsaws and as we are such fans of both Christmas and jigsaws we just couldn’t wait to get started.

jumbo games falcon jigsaw all ready for christmas - box

Beautifully boxed the Falcon de luxe – All Ready for Christmas limited edition Christmas jigsaw also includes a free 1,000 piece jigsaw both of which tell the story of Father Christmas as he prepares for his Christmas Eve deliveries around the world.

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The first jigsaw, which was illustrated by artist Simonetta Ubbiala, sees a smiling Santa standing beside the big, red,Santa Express train with all the reindeer carefully loaded into a carriage while a fox and rabbits sit beside Santa as he rings his hand bell.

jumbo games falcon jigsaw all ready for christmas-santa waiving

The second jigsaw, illustrated by Don Gelsinger, features Santa once again, but this time he’s sitting beside a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. He has a steaming cup of hot chocolate in his Christmas mug (with a cookie just beside him – obviously!) and as he does some final stitching in his workshop a contented cat sleeps high up on the bookcase.

jumbo games falcon jigsaw all ready for christmas

Each of the two jigsaws are beautifully illustrated, and are made from high quality cardboard to ensure that each piece maintains its original shape, when finished each jigsaw measures 68cm x 49cm.

This beautiful set of two 1000 piece Christmas jigsaw puzzles is available from Amazon –  Click Here to buy now.

The second jigsaw this time was from Wasgij.  This time you’ll need to use your imagination to work out the puzzle solution. Containing a thousand pieces ‘The Big Turn On!’ sees shoppers at the market all gathered together on the snowy street as they wait for the Christmas lights to be turned on.

jumbo games wasgij puzzle the big turn on - box

As the children get more and more excited the Salvation Army keeps everyone in the Christmas spirit by playing festive tunes.  However, something’s happened further down the street and everyone has frozen in their tracks with a puzzled look on their faces. What could it be?

To find out you’ll need to complete this 1000 piece jigsaw. Could it be what the helicopter is looking for? Or the strange reflection in the girl’s balloon? Imagine you are the women in red who’s covering her daughter’s eyes and piece together what she can see.

jumbo games wasgij puzzle the big turn on. - jigsaw

Also inside the box you’ll find another 68 x 49 cm, 1000 piece puzzle which when put together the image shown on the box. Each of the jigsaws are made from high quality cardboard so that they can be replayed time and time again.

The Wasgij Christmas 12: The Big Turn On! festive jigsaw puzzle is priced at around £12.99. Click to BUY HERE from Amazon

Hysterically funny as you try to put them together and work out the solution we’re pretty sure you’ll find it almost impossible to wait until Christmas to share these puzzles with your family and friends.

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