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Festive Photos Friday 11th July

With just 24 weeks to go (yes, we are counting down!) we thought we would get you into the festive spirit with some more Festive Photos.

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Egg Nog always looks really tasty but in all honesty, many of us have never even tasted it! We’re going to make a point of making and tasting our very own Egg Nog this Christmas 2014.

Are we the only ones who are suckers for animals in the snow? Here’s a cute squirrel posting his Christmas cards.

Every year we sing along to “chestnuts roasted on an open fire” but actually, we can’t think of a time that we’ve ever roasted chestnuts on an open fire! Have you?

Every year, we keep meaning to put some jingle bells on our pet’s collars to give them a little bit of Christmas cheer.  We have the feeling the only one to get any cheer from it will be us! cuteness overload!

Christmas is the only time of year that it is acceptable to eat your body weight in sweets. Our favourites are these, what are yours?

Every Christmas Eve, we read “the night before Christmas” because it really reminds us of our childhood and makes us remember the magic of how we felt on Christmas Eve.

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