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Festive Photos Friday 4th July 2014

We’re back again to give you our favourite festive photo’s from this week.  With it being July already (can you believe it?) there really isn’t long until we will be donning our fluffy slippers and hot chocolate.

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Santa made his way to all the children across the globe with his reindeer.

The Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree is one of the world’s most renowned Christmas Tree’s and it is a firm favourite of ours.

As much as we always try, our snowmen never look this perfect, do yours?

This dog looks almost as happy as we are on a Snow day!

One of the thing’s we look forward to seeing most in winter is a Christmas Robin.

This year, we really want to perfect the staircase garland like this one!

We’re not gunna lie, We have no idea whether this is a hamster, a guinea pig or a gerbil, but whatever it is, it is the cutest thing ever!

Finally, here is our favourite festive photo. It epitomizes everything that is Christmas!

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