First Mince Pies Spotted at Asda Online!

Supermarket giant Asda launches the first mince pies of the season (20 weeks before Santa arrives!) on it’s online store.

Asda Mince Pies hit stores 20 weeks before Christmas!
ASDA online has started selling it’s mince pies 20 weeks before Christmas! The first company to stock the mouth-watering treat is obviously gearing up for a rush. Priced at £1 for six, the Baker’s Selection Mince Pies are set to get eyebrow’s raised as it hit stores soon.

Will they last until Christmas?….if they come into our office they wont last the day let alone Christmas!

You can view the mince pies at

What do you think of Asda stocking mince pies 4 months early? Share your comments below.

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