Foil and Tinsel All Part Of The 1980s Christmas Decorations

The 1980’s was an era full of fun and brightly coloured leggings.  Christmas decorations reflected that look  and many were homemade.

Here we take a look at how 1980’s Christmas Decorations looked.

Today, we have  lots of different variations of decorations to choose from. In the 1980’s there were limited options  and many people made their own decorations with their children.  Paper chains were popular as this brought the entire family together.

You could also buy a lot of “hanging” decorations that could be strung from the ceilings.  These were typically made of foil material and resembled tinsel. Everyone was big on tinsel ‘back in the day’!

Lametta is seldom used today, however during the eighties, lametta was thrown on Christmas trees by the bucket load! Unfortunately the long silver string was definitely not our hoover’s friend!

Many people also liked to place Christmas party banners on their walls.  The saying “the bigger the better” was definitely true for the 1980’s.

Outdoor lights were well sought after but due to their expensive price tag were invariably only seen now and again and not at every home. Lights were usually large and had glass baubles round them.

Speaking of baubles, most baubles were glass, but some baubles were even made of cardboard and fabric which were brightly decorated.

Beads were also strung through rooms and Christmas tree’s, which to this day is popular.

As for Christmas tree’s – there were a few different artificial tree’s available at this time, however these invariably looked very plasticky and so, many people preferred to have a ‘real’ Christmas Tree. Again, not our hoover’s friend!

1980’s Christmas decorations were invariably big and brightly coloured in contrast to how we decorate our homes today. Do you remember your Christmas decoration from the 80’s? do you have any pictures? we would love to hear from you!

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