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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Fortnite RC The Baller

Get ready to take on our opponents with the new Fortnite RC The Baller. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what John from our team thought.

Image Of Fortnite RC The Baller
Image credit: Jawares

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Image Of Fortnite RC The Baller

John said: “When I first saw the Fortnite The Baller I was impressed not only with the design but with how highly detailed it is. The included Hybrid character and the actual RC ball itself has brilliant detail inside too. So to set this up, I removed the seat which is within the ball and placed in the batteries, I did need a screwdriver for this but it took me less than a minute to do all of this, then I put the screw back in and placed the seat back into position. I did the same for the remote control, again a screwdriver is required but it took very little time to do this.

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Image Of Fortnite RC The Baller Figure

Once I had done these steps, I placed the included 4″ Hybrid character into the set, to keep the figure in place I simply attached the hands to the handles and the feet on to the pegs on the pedals. Before I could use the remote with the vehicle I had to pair the two together, so as per the instructions I turn on the vehicle, there is a switch on the bottom and within 30 seconds an LED light started flashing which once the pairing was done, stayed on permanently.

Image Of Fortnite RC The Baller Remote, Vehicle And Figure

I then began using the controller and the RC started moving in the directions easily and quite fast too. I could go forward, backward and could move from side to side and had lots of fun doing so. Overall I loved how fun and easy it was to play Fortnite RC The Baller and weather your playing on your own or with your friends, it would be a lot of fun.”

Fortnite RC The Baller is available for around £29.99, is suitable for ages 8 years and up and more information can be found at Jazwares.