From Crinkley Bottom to Coffee at Central Perk

Join us as we take a look back in our ByGone Christmases at some of the UK’s favourite TV shows of the nineties.

The nineties was a time for silly games and loads of gunk as ex Swap Shop presenter Noel Edmonds launched his Crinkley Bottom, House Party and a little yellow boy with spiky hair told us to eat his shorts.

the simpsons eat my shorts

Taking a trip off to the sun who wouldn’t want to go visit ex-pats who headed off to Eldorado for ‘sex, sun and sangria’. Slated for it’s wooden actors the BBC pulled the plug on it’s swimming pool after just 1 year – did anyone notice?

Darling – life was just one big lunch break, sweetie, for Ab Fab neurotic Edina and her friend Patsy as they tried to relive thier life in the sixties through a smoke filled, boozy haze and David Hasselhoff had his hands full of Baywatch babes.

ab fab

Moulder and Scully solved some unsolveable cases as according to the X-Files the ‘truth is out there’ and psychiatrist Dr.Frasier Crane continued to live with his dad, Martin and (Benny Hill babe) Daphne. Millions of us escaped into the world of friends where we sipped coffee at Central Perk and always had loads of money and rarely worked – if only!


Austen-mania hit the UK and women everywhere swooned as Mr Darcy persued the love of his life Elizabeth Bennett, while over on Craggy Island Mrs Doyle continued to look after scheming Father Ted and simple Father Dougal, while drunken Father Jack Hackett’s vocabulary only extended as far as Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!

father ted

Soaps continued to reign supreme in the nineties especially at Christmas but this had to be the first time that the good folks of the UK lost the plot altogether. Fans of Corrie went into stupid mode when Deirdre Rachid (now Barlow) was imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit and ‘Free Deirdre’ & ‘Free the Weatherfield One’ campaigns sprung up. The other question on everyone’s mind was who killed Kenny?

free deirdre

Over 19 million sobbed our way through the full coverage of Diana, Princess of Wales funeral and little kids watched the Teletubby antics of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po.

As the nineties drew to a close we all marvelled as we walked with dinosaurs and we all followed the exploits of the New York singles scene on Sex and the City

walking with dinosaurs

Television in the 1990’s was full of fun Christmas specials which are still on repeate on our screens every December.

Have we mentioned your favourite nineties tv show above?  Get in touch below and tell us what 90’s Bygone TV show was your favourite and what you loved about it.

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