Get Creative This Christmas With 3Doodler Create Pen

The 3Doodler Create is the perfect way to bring your designs on paper to life. The idea behind this world first 3D Writing Printing Pen, is that you can turn your ideas into 3D creations. We were kindly sent this to review.


3Doodler Creative Pen

We were kindly sent the 3Doodler Create Pen to try out, here’s our thoughts on it:

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Katy from our team loves to try different and new crafting products so when this new printing pen became available for review  she couldn’t wait to try it out.

Katy said: “The 3Doodler Create pen was really easy to set up, in the box was the pen itself which to hold is very light and it has a good grip on it so  I didn’t have to worry about it slipping out of my hands when I was using it. In the box were also two packs of different colours of plastic that could be used in the pen.  I tried the green one to start but first I slid the Control Switch to HI and a red light came on which meant it was reaching it’s temperature needed to melt the  plastic, once it turned blue that meant the pen was ready to be used with the plastic.

On Off Button

I loaded the green plastic into the pen and as recommended I put a piece of  paper down and tried drawing a Christmas tree, so I pressed the fast button once and the plastic started extruding, so I pushed the Nozzle down and started getting the plastic to stick onto the paper.

I drew the Christmas tree slowly on the paper and once I was finished I pressed the fast button again and it stopped extruding the plastic. I then gently bent the paper and my drawing popped straight off the paper.

I then tried to Doodle in the air, which again was really easy to do. I simply let the pen heat up and placed the colour of plastic I wanted into the pen and it was ready to go. I placed a blob of the plastic onto a piece of paper and then lifted up the pen and plastic off the paper and drew a straight line and gave it a few seconds before I pulled the pen away and I had a straight line which stayed in place and then continued with my drawing. Once I was finished with the 3Doodler Pen I retracted any left-over plastic by pressing the FAST button twice, switched the button to OFF and left it to cool down and put it all away back in it’s box.

3Doodler Pen Tree

Overall I thought the 3Doodler Pen was a lot of fun and was a great way to make some fun and creative drawings.

You can also view our YouTube video on the 3Doodler Pen here:

You can buy the 3Doodler Create Pen at Amazon UK.

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