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Get your creative skills in action with these Christmas crafting tips from experts

Christmas is the ideal time of year to put your creative skills into action, weather that be crafting or baking. We spoke to several crafting and baking experts to get their favourite tips when getting your creativity flowing.


Beth Mahoney – Lablogbeaute.co.uk

Beth Mahoney from www.lablogbeaute.co.uk said “My Christmas crafting tip would be to buy your supplies throughout the year, because around Christmas time they become far more expensive.”

Arts And Crafts

“When making homemade baked goods for Christmas gifts, always plan to make more than you need as you always forget people to give gifts to.”

Image of Christmas crafting Wreath

Katie Blunty – Bluntyandblooms.co.uk

Katie Blunty from www.bluntyandblooms.co.uk revealed her tip which is “Christmas crafting is great way to make your home extra special. I’ll be making a fallen festive branch tree this year. Simply pop down to your garden all local woods or park and collect some fallen branches and tie together with string. You can then hang baubles or other decorations for a special wintery scandi touch.

I host wreath making workshops every year and it’s great to make your down as the shop-brought ones can be quite expensive. Get foraging for bits of seasonal foliage from the garden and buy a wire wreath ring from your local craft shop or on eBay. Designing and making your own wreath will make Christmas that little bit more special and personal.”

Handmade Christmas Crafts

Handmade Christmas Crafts (follow on Instagram) told us “Have an idea and practice, make mistake learn from it, its trial an error. Don’t become frustrated if something doesn’t work take a moment, go back to it, Never give up. Don’t be afraid to try different materials, different techniques, do something you love.

Image from HandmadeChristmasCraft

Tips: Clean working place. Organise yourself & have what you need at hand.

Ideas: I have tried a few things recently that I haven’t really seen, I made a light up Christmas card, light up Christmas bauble, I am sure these are done but not common so I gave it a go. Think of stuff you don’t see and make it your own.”

These are some really handy crafting tips and advice. Head on over to Hobbycraft to get all of your Christmas crafting bits and pieces so you can get your creations ready for Christmas.

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