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Christmas Gift Review 2021: GHD Glide Smoothing Hot Brush Gift Set

Looking for smooth, straight hair that takes very little time to do? Then say hello to the new GHD Glide Smoothing Hot Brush. We were kindly sent this to review from GHD, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Image credit: GHD

Mandy said: “I’m always looking for new and exciting beauty and hair care products to try out, so I was really keen to give the GHD Smoothing Hot Brush a try. Firstly I will say that the brush comes in a box and inside there is a black, heat resistant pouch that has the hot brush inside. The GHD Hot Brush is black in colour and is not heavy to hold, it has a power button in the middle and has a long cable which I was very happy with. The brush has a temperature of 185ºC so this will get very hot.


Image Of GHD Glide Smoothing Hot Brush Gift Set

I plugged the GHD brush in and it made a beeping noise and I pressed the power button in the middle which made another beeping noise and started flashing white to let me know the brush was on and heating up. Within a few seconds, the brush had reached its temperature and was ready to use. The bristles on the brush are quite long and thick so I knew it would deal with my hair thickness with no problem. I began putting the hot brush through my hair in sections and I couldn’t believe just how smooth and shiny my hair looked. It was perfectly straight and glided through my hair with ease and before I knew it my hair was done and ready for the day ahead.

Image Of GHD Glide Smoothing Hot Brush On

Once I was finished I simply pressed the power button in the middle for a few seconds and the GHD brush turned off and I left it on the heat resistant mat to cool down before I stored this away. I also tried this on my hair after I had initially used the brush and had second-day hair and again my hair looked healthy, shiny and had no frizz.

Another feature that I think gives you peace of mind in knowing that if you did forget to turn off the GHD Hot Brush, it would do so after 60 minutes of non-use. The cable is 2.7m which is brilliant, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to do your hair with a styler that has a short cable!

Overall I was highly impressed with the GHD Smoothing Hot Brush, I loved the design, ease of use and just how smooth and shiny it left my hair looking, I will definitely be using this as part of my hairstyling routine!”

GHD Glide Smoothing Hot Brush gift set is available to buy online for £139.00 at GHD. This hot brush would make an ideal addition to any haircare collection and would be ideal this Christmas.