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Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game

Christmas time always see’s an abundance of new toy releases from tablets to board games and now newly released is this Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game.

Suitable for ages 3-8 years old, the Gotrovo Treasure Hunt game will keep kids entertained for hours on end.

Playing the game is quite simple. A parent (or anyone not playing) should lay a trail around the home and garden for the participants to solve and follow.  Children will follow the map and solve the clues to get to the end of the trail where the prize of a golden bar will be revealed.

Included in the game is:

  • 100 Clue Cards
  • 1 golden treasure bar
  • 10 golden coins
  • 1 double sided map (2 designs)
  • 1 loot bag
  • 2 sheets of adhesive dots
  • instruction leaflet

The best thing about the game is that no tablet, computer or video game is required to play it meaning children get to interact together whilst getting fresh air and exercise which is vital for growth and well being. It also encourages social skills and improves communication, language and social skills.

Our children of today are our politicians, professors and artists of tomorrow which is why encouraging creativity and imagination is important from a young age which is what this game does.

We took it upon ourselves to play the game and put it to the test. We asked John to create the trail across the office and outside before we used the clues to get to the end of the trail and be rewarded with the golden treasure bar.

Now, obviously, this was played purely for research purposes and not because we wanted to win, but one of us in particular *cough* KATY! *cough* became increasingly competitive. There’s always one…

The clue cards provided were fun and simple to follow featuring pictures, words, riddles, role play and even a few blank cards to make up your own clues.

The first to get to the end of the trail and win was in fact Mandy, much to Katy’s annoyance. Queue 48 hours (yes, really!) of cheating allegations.

We thoroughly enjoyed this and as we are adults (sometimes..) we switched up the prize and made Mandy’s coffee’s for the rest of the day. Coffee on tap seemed ideal!

Whether you’re 5 or 55, we reckon this game will be popular for the entire family and is certain to have everyone in fits of laughter (and a two day long huff from one competitive looser…)

Will Gotrovo Trasure Hunt Game be making it under your christmas tree?

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