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Grow Your Own Winter Wedding Flowers From Experts At Wyevale Garden Centre

As part of our Winter/Christmas wedding theme throughout the month of April, we’ve asked experts at Wyevale Garden Centre to share their key advice on growing your own Winter wedding flowers for your big day.

Wedding Flowers Show

Whether you are an avid fan of DIY projects or are merely trying to curb expenditure on your big day, growing and arranging your own wedding flowers can be both a financially resourceful and entertaining. A problem arises, however, if your wedding day is planned in the winter months, where you can find it difficult to grow many of the more traditional wedding and bouquet flowers. Herein lies a question: why do things the traditional way?

Know your seasons

A much more natural and healthy yield of wedding flowers will be produced if you tailor your growth plan to cultivate seasonal flowers, and the non-traditional flower arrangements can put a fantastic natural spin on your wedding day. While you could try to force out of season plant growth, it is important to choose plants that grow healthy naturally — these will be the sturdiest. Stems and storks will need to be strong to hold up to the rigours of flower arranging, while in-season flowers will also produce the most vibrant colours.

Winter jasmine and snowdrops will produce a cotton-white colour that would look great as part of a snow-themed arrangement, while a crocus or Christmas rose will introduce a splash of colour, if needed. Ornamental cabbage is also fantastic to use due to its relative malleability and attractive textures. You can find a helpful guide to growing ornamental flowers from The Garden Helper here.

Wild Rocket Seedlings

How wild are wildflowers?

Wildflowers are a great option for a winter flower arrangement as they grow well throughout the seasons. The problem with wildflowers, however, is that you may not necessarily have permission to pick them. As outlined in this article by The Guardian, the law on wildflowers isn’t very clear, and if you can’t be sure whether the flowers were planted by man or grown naturally, you should steer clear.

Growing wild flowers can be relatively easy, as these plants will thrive in conditions that aren’t ideal for most plants. With wild flowers, however, you will face competition for your yield from cats, birds, and other wildlife. It may be wiser to instead look to grow herbs for your wedding flower arrangements. Herbs can be grown in pots — indoors or outdoors — and would make a great base plant for you to start your decorative flowers with. Herbs can be purchased inexpensively, but you should get yours from a reputable plant supplier, such as from a Wyevale Garden Centre, as cheaper options will often produce a weak, unhealthy plant that is no good for flower arranging.

Arrange around your theme

If your wedding has a theme, make sure you stick to it with your flower arranging. This covers everything from the colour of the plants to the container they are showcased in. You can make a huge difference with subtle touches such as a rustic wooden box for nature-themed weddings, or perhaps placing your flowers in gift-wrapped boxes if your wedding is around Christmas time. Make your wedding your own, and be sure that your flower arrangements reflect the theme.

Follow these tips to ensure the flowers at your wedding are a talking point for all the right reasons.

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