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Handpicked Christmas gifts for pets and pet lovers

Looking for great gift ideas for your pet or any pet lover this Christmas? We’ve got you covered with a roundup of our favourite presents for pets and pet lovers. Take a look below at our suggestions which we were kindly sent to review.

Webbox Festive Advent Calendar Meaty Dog Treats – £4

Webbox Advent Calendar

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At Christmas time we all like to countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar, so why should your pets be missed out? We asked a friend to try this advent calendar with their little dog who loved getting a different treat every day, there was different flavours behind each door such as Duck Cubes, Tuna Sticks and Chicken Chips, although we have to say by the way he chomped each treat, all of them seem to be a hit. There are 24 doors to open so there is treats for each day in December in the run up to Christmas and there is no artificial, flavours or preservatives.

Webbox Festive Advent Calendar Meaty Dog Treats can be bought online for £4.00 here.

What I Lick Before Your Face Book – £7.99

What I Lick Before Your Face Book

We’ve all been there, we talk to our puppies and dogs and they look at you like ‘What on earth are you talking about’ Well your not alone as ‘What I Lick Before Your Face’ explains exactly what our furry friends are thinking. John from our team said: “This book is hilarious, the more I read this the more I could feel the tears running down my face, you have no idea how many times it would be really cold or raining a little and my dog would just look at my with that look that says”there’s no chance I’m going out in that’ and now thanks to this book I know I’m not alone! I have to say the book gave me a lot of laughs and felt very relatable.

What I Lick Before Your Face book can be bought online for £7.99 here.

Travel Wags The Tote Set

Heading on a day out or travelling with your pup? Keep everything that your furry friend will need in one handy place with the Travel Wags ‘The Tote Set’. Elaine said: “This bag is now my go-to bag whenever I’m taking my pup out for a walk. The bag had everything I needed from poop bags, collapsible water bowls, chiller bag, refillable water bottle this bag had it all. The bag itself is really stylish and inside has compartments to hold all of the items, plus there was space to add in one of his favourite toys. Loved it!”

Travel Wags The Tote Set can be bought online for £116.00 here.

Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays

Happy Howlidays Book

Happy Howalidays is the funny festive adventure that follows the journey of Junior and his doggy pals. Katy said “This book was really funny and I can see why kids would love it. The book follows the adventure of Junior and his friends as they learn all about the different traditions that we have and why we do them such as Carols at the front door to wearing an a hat which had pointy ears on it. I laughed from start to finish with this book, seeing the way we say and do things through a dogs life, brilliant!”

Happy Howlidays can be bought online for £5.99 and can be bought online here.

Give The Dog A Bone – £9.99

Give The Dog A Bone Book

If your looking form some fun and easy recipes of your dog this year then this is the book for you. John said: “I think it’s a great idea to cook your dog some healthy and nutritious meals and snacks but to be honest I had no idea what to make. This book had over 40 different recipes, snack ideas and goodies that I could easy follow and make for any dog, this was a really great book”.

Give The Dog A Bone can be bought online for £9.99 here.

John Paul Nourish And Shine Set – £17.50

John Paul Pets

John Paul Pets Nourish and Shone set is the perfect way to keep your pets coat clean and shiny. Our tester said: I tried this on my dog and I have to say they loved it. The smell was lovely and was not over powering so I knew it wouldn’t irritate my dog. When I used this, his coat came out shiny and didn’t feel dry or anything so I was really impressed with the way his skin and coat looked and felt. I did like the fact that the product foamed up well and I would use this again!”

John Paul Pets Nourish And Shine costs £17.50 and can be bought online here.

Webbox Festive Cat Bauble with Biscuits – £2

Webbox Festive Bauble

Why not treat your cat to a fun Christmas bauble filled with treats for Christmas? Our two office cats absolutely loved this bauble. It was packed fully of fish biscuits which they both loved and the bauble could hang on the Christmas tree. We did also like the fact that the bauble could be reused or re-filled with even more treats. They were definitely given the seal of approval by our two”.

Webbox Festive Cat Bauble with Biscuits can be bought online for £2.00 here.

Please note we were sent these products but all thoughts are our own.

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