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Handpicked Foodie Christmas Gifts we think you’ll love

Each year when Christmas comes around, we are fortunate enough to be sent the latest and greatest Christmas gifts for foodies, so we thought we would do a roundup of some of the Foodie gifts that we hope to be munching on this Christmas 2018. We were kindly sent these to review.

Buttermilk Christmas Collection – £14.99

Image credit: Buttermilk

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This gift set contains five different varieties of fudge, including:-

  • Crumbly Gingerbread Fudge
  • Smooth Cranberry & Orange Fudge
  • Crumbly Mince Pie Fudge
  • Crumbly Strawberry Bellini Fudge
  • Crumbly Rum Hot Chocolate

The Buttermilk Christmas Collection is ideal for someone who loves Fudge but who also has picky taste – with five varieties, there’s something for everyone!

Priced at £14.99, this is available from the Buttermilk website.

Debenhams Prosecco Grow It – £12

Image credit: Debenhams

Prosecco is a must during the festive season but how about serving some made from your very own grapes? GROW IT Prosecco from Debenhams comes with 5 starter growing pots made from coconut husk, 5 natural coconut husk compost discs, 5 wooden plant makers and growing instruction booklets which Holly said were “super simple to follow” she also said: If you’re looking for a young-adult stocking filler then you can’t go wrong with this.

Debenhams Prosecco Grow It is available for £12.00 here

Tracklements 9 mini jar gift pack – £5.75

Image credit: Tracklements

Tracklements are known for making gorgeous condiments, and now they have released a 9 mini jar gift pack. The set includes:

  • Robust Wholegrain Mustard
  • Smooth Dijon Mustard
  • Strong English Mustard
  • Original Onion Marmalade
  • Fresh Chilli Jam
  • Apricot & Ginger Chutney
  • Cranberry, Port & Orange Sauce
  • Strong Horseradish Cream
  • Sticky Fig Relish

Priced at just £5.75, this would be ideal as part of a cheeseboard or as a stocking filler for the foodie in your life.

Microplane Gourmet Chili Set – £34.95

Image credit: Microplane

Add a bit of heat to your meals with the new Microplane Chili Set. Elaine from our team was happy to give this set a try. “When I first took the Microplane Chili Mill out of the box, I was impressed with the way I could have a good grip of the mill and it wouldn’t slip out of my hands. I put some of the included chili’s into the mill and started to turn it and instantly I could start to see the finely ground chili flakes appear and there was no chili’s that came out chunky. The mill was easy to start turning and wasn’t too noisy when I was using it. I did like the fact that I could simply use this while I was cooking and there was no mess or waste.

The chili’s included with this set really did add a bit for heat and flavour to my vegetarian dish and I will definitely be using this over Christmas, plus you could put this on the table so your guest can add as much or as little spice as they wanted – great product.”

Microplane Gourmet Chili Set can be bought online for £34.95 here.

Willies Cacao Grande Hamper – £99

Image credit: Wilko

Just when we thought Christmas couldn’t get anymore delicious, along comes Willies Cacao with the El Grande hamper. Included in the hamper is:

  • Cacao Nib Brandy, made with Dudognon artisan cognac 100ml
  • Champagne Janisson Baradon, Brut Sélection  37.5cl
  • Praline Truffles, 12 hazelnut praline truffles with sea salt 110g (choose between Milk or Dark chocolate)
  • Five Wonders of the World. Tasting Collection of five single estate dark chocolate bars 5 x 50g
  • Apple Brandy Caramel Black Pearls, 150g
  • The Golden Pod, containing Sea Salt Caramel Pearls 150g
  • Golden Pod, containing Passion Fruit Caramel Pearls 75g
  • Mexican Mole Cacao, to make savoury Mexican chocolate casserole 135g
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, freshly roasted Hazelnuts and Peruvian Chulucanas milk chocolate 300g
  • Hot Chocolate powder, Chulucanas 50% dark chocolate 200g
  • The Milk and White Flavour collection, Raspberries and Cream, Milk of the Stars, Milk of the Gods, Sea Flakes and El Blanco 5 x 50g

Priced at £99 this is a luxury gift, however is jam packed full of Christmas decadence, which is ideal for such a special time of year. Available from https://www.williescacao.com

The Spice Pioneer – £27.00

Image credit: The Spice Pioneer

This monthly subscription box delivers six spices in a letterbox sized box straight to your door each month. The box contains six ‘pots’ of spices which have a different theme to suit the included recipes (which are designed to cater to four people). You can buy this as a gift in either 3, 6 or 12 month packages, starting at £27.  We think this would be the ideal gift for the foodie in your life and who knows, maybe the recipient will cook something nice for you from the recipe cards to thank you!

As mentioned, a 3 month subscription costs £27 and is available at the Spice Pioneer website.

Crock Pot Express Multi Cooker – £89.99

The Crock Pot Express Multi Cooker is designed to be your all in one, go-to answer to all of your prayers at Christmas. Using the different settings, you can cook everything from a turkey, to veg and even prepare some mulled wine using this. The Crock-Pot even has a ‘keep warm’ option which will keep everything warm until you are ready to serve what you have prepared.  This is ideal for anyone with a small space to work with or who likes to keep it simple in the kitchen.

Priced at £89.99, the Crock pot express multi cooker is available at Amazon – this is no longer available.

Villeroy & Boch Allegorie Premium Burgundy Grand Cru glasses – £115.60

Image credit: Villeroy & Boch

We’re not sure about you, but everyone here at UTCT HQ has their ‘everyday’ glassware and their ‘fancy’ glassware (which is basically just glasses that haven’t been marked by the dishwasher!). At Christmas, it’s time to bring out the ‘fancy’ glasses and the Villeroy & Boch Allegorie Premium Burgundy Grand Cru glasses fit the bill perfectly.

The set contains four 262mm glasses which are dishwasher safe. These will look gorgeous on the table on Christmas day and will make the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.

Priced at £115.60, these are available from the Villeroy and Boch website.

Men’s Baking MAnuAl – £22.99

Image credit: Haynes

Looking to try your hand at baking for your family and friends? This men’s baking manual has got you covered!

John from our team said: “I’m not going to lie, sometimes I go to start baking something and I have no idea where to start, so when I seen the new men’s baking manual, I knew I was onto a winner. The manual was packed full of hints, tips and recipes that I could try and I loved the fact that it wasn’t over-complicated and really easy to follow. As I carried on trying the recipes my confidence grew with baking and this book is my go-to baking book!”

Priced at £22.99, this is available from the Haynes website.

Rubiks Cube Mini Fridge – £149.99

A mini fridge is the perfect gift for anyone, it can be placed in any room and with this stylish design can really stand out.

Holly said: “If you’re looking to give a unique gift to the foodie in your life then this fits the bill. I loved the Rubiks cube design of the mini fridge, it really did make a feature in the room I placed this in. The fridge held 12 bottles of wine and plenty of beers. My wine and beer stayed at the perfect temperature and it even had a removable wire tray and an open space at the door so I could put in any bottles that I hadn’t finished without the worry of anything spilling or leaking.”

Rubiks Cube Mini Fridge is available to buy from Husky’s Lifestyle for £149.99 here.

Laithwaites Wine Advent Calendar – £79.99

Advent calendars are gaining in popularity and are tipped to be favourites in gift giving for Christmas 2018. The Laithwaites Wine Advent Calendar has 24 doors to open and features everything from white, rosé, red wine and even Prosecco!

Speaking about the advent calendar, Katy said:

“The moment this arrived at UTCT HQ we each started to give a speech on why we felt we should be the one who deserved to trial it out. We came to the agreement that we could all open one door each and keep the contents behind that door – the rest will be kept for the office Christmas party which seemed fair! Anyway, I was first up and opened my door (I won’t tell you which number so not to spoil the surprise!) but behind my door was a Sauvignon Blanc. Thankfully I love a good white wine so this was right up my street. I love the idea of opening one of these everyday in the run up to Christmas. It will give me something to look forward to having after a day at UTCT HQ whilst I wrap some coal for my colleagues…”

For more information and to buy the Laithwaites Wine Advent Calendar, visit the Laithwaites website.

Debenhams Pizza Board with Herbs & Oils – £26

Debenhams Pizza Board with Oils & Herbs has got everything a pizza lover would want. Mandy from our team took to the oven & put to the test. “After cooking pizza for my tea, for demo purposes of course, I placed onto the solid wooden chopping board. The main highlight for me is the pizza fitted perfectly on the board and I love the already engraved pizza lines on board as I can never get the slices cut correctly or evenly.  Now I’m not a fan of chilli oil so I missed this oil out and headed straight for the basil oil which tasted so nice and packed full of flavour. To be honest I’m already looking to buy another one for a friend and my Auntie for Xmas.”

Debenhams Pizza Board with Herbs & Oils will cost £26 and can be found at Debenhams

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