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Handpicked gifts for him you’ll love this Christmas

Looking for some gift ideas for him this Christmas? We’ve got you covered with a roundup of our favourite gifts for men. Take a look below at our suggestions. We were kindly sent these to review.

Image of Christmas gifts for him
Image credit: Couleur via Pixabay

Peaky Blinders IPA, Glass & Cap Gift Set – £25

Image of Peaky Blinders ipa beer

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Want to feel like part of the Peaky Blinders? now you can as Sadler’s Brewing Co releases a fantastic gift pack which contains 2 x 500ml Peaky Blinder Black IPA, 1 x Limited Edition stemmed glass and 1 x blinder cap. John from our team tried and said: For a gift set I expected it not to contain just as much as it does, the IPA beers were hoppy, had a good fruit taste and smooth texture and pouring it into my Peaky Blinders themed glass I honestly felt like part of the Tommy Shelby gang. The cap is made to a very high standard which surprised me as the set £25 and I would have expected to pay around £20 for it alone. Overall fans of the ITV show will love one of these under their tree.

Peaky Blinders IPA, Glass & Cap Gift Se £25.00 here.

Box Of Favours – £11.99

Image of box of favours

These beautifully designed box is full of favour cards with a fun contract to sign. John said “I really thought the Box Of Favours was a great fun idea, you simply fill our 5 favours, sign the fun contract and give them as a gift. Then when they give you favour card back you do the favour. I thought this was a great and fun way to give the gifts your friends and family really want or it could be something silly like ‘You have to make me a coffee every day this week or you need to bake cookies for everyone’. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be giving these as a gift!”

Box of Favours can be bought online for £11.99 here.

Liz Earle The Barbershop Trio Gift Set – £38

Image of Liz Earle Barbershop Trio

Get a smooth shave with this carefully selected collection for men. John from our team said: “I’m always looking to try different shaving products that don’t dry out my skin and leave me skin feeling hydrated so I was keen to try this team. First I used the Cleanse & polish with the cloth by applying this to my face and gentle used the cloth to polish off the cream, I liked this as it left my skin feeling really clean and hydrated. Then as per the instructions I applied the shaving moisturiser and my skin felt so soft and hydrated and there was no strong smell to it so didn’t irritate my skin at all.

I also tried the sensitive shave cream, I dispensed a small amount onto my hand and added a little water
then rubbed the cream onto my bread, it didn’t irritate my skin and smelled really nice. I used my razor and gave me a clean shave without drying out my skin. I will be using this again and again, great kit!”

Liz Earle The Barbershop Trio Gift Set can be bought online from Liz Earle here.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Image of Monopoly Cheaters edition

Monopoly Cheaters Edition is the ultimate board game to play any cheater at their own game. Mandy from the team said “We all tried this in the office and have to say it is hilarious trying to figure out if someone is cheating at Monopoly or not. The aim of the game was to try and get the most property, hotels and money but there was a twist,  as at any point of play you could try and cheat and if you got away with the cheat, you can carry on but if you do get caught then it’s off to jail! This game really is perfect for anyone who thinks their the ultimate cheat!”

Monopoly Cheaters Edition can be bought online for £19.99 and more information can be found out here.

Dorco Classic – £8.74

Image of Dorco Classic razor

Dorco Classic is the blade that only ever needs the blade head replaced. John from our team was keen to try this. John said “Firstly I loved the fact it came in it’s own gift box, it looked so classy and polished. Looking inside the box was the blade and handle which was in black, I took it out and it felt comfortable to hold. Using the blade was amazing, it didn’t cut or dry out my skin and really glided easily. Dorco Classic gave a really great close shave and left my skin feeling hydrated. This is one of my favourites!”

Dorco Classic can be bought online for £8.74 here.

So Just Shop Men’s Braided Bracelet – £31.99

Image of mens braided bracelet

This beautiful braided men’s bracelet is brown leather and has a silver metal clasp and is made by So Just Shop which only makes ethical, handmade products. John from our team said: “I’m always looking for something different and unique to wear when I’m going to business meetings or to events and I  have to say I think this braided bracelet is the very thing I’ve been looking for. It is quite thick and has a woven pattern on it, the bracelet does not feel like it’s going to go flying off my wrist, is very comfortable to wear and with the metal clasp will keep it in place. I’ve had quite a few people asking me where I got this from and I will be wearing this braided bracelet day and night.”

So Just Shop Men’s Braided Bracelet can be bought online for £31.99 here.

Men’s Baking Manual – £22.99

Image of mens baking cookbook

Looking to try your hand at baking for your family and friends? This men’s baking manual has got you covered! John from our team said: “I’m not going to lie, sometimes I go to start baking and I have no idea where to start, so when  the new men’s baking manual arrived, I knew I was onto a winner. The manual was packed full of hints, tips and recipes that I could try and I loved the fact that it wasn’t over-complicated and really easy to follow. As I carried on trying the recipes my confidence grew with baking and this book is my go-to baking book!”

Men’s Baking Manual can be bought online from Haynes Publishing for £22.99 here.

David Attenborough The Life Collection – £49.99

Image of David Attenbourgh DVDs

If like us David Attenborough has introduced you into the world of furry and feathered friends and has left you wanting more then the new ‘The Life Collection’ should be under your tree this Christmas.  Featuring all nine of Attenborough’s ‘Life’ series: Life On Earth, The Living Planet, Trials Of Life, Life In The Freezer, The Private Life Of Plants, The Life Of Birds, The Life Of Mammals, Life In The Undergrowth and Life In Cold Blood, there are a huge 26 discs to get through.

Like all of his work the box set contains all the details you could want without getting bogged down in too much information. John from our team said “In true Attenborough fashion this box set is jammed packed full of information, emotion and fascinating scenes you could only dream of seeing, I’m currently on Trials of Life and have leanred so much about the planet earth – at this rate I’ll be finished the box set before Christmas.”

David Attenborough The Life Collection is available for £49.99 here

Edinburgh Beer Factory Paolozzi Gift Pack – £15

Image of Paolozzi beer set

With alcohol based gifts becoming increasingly popular gifts for Christmas, we think the Edinburgh Beer Factory Paolozzi Gift pack is the ideal gift for the lager lover in our lives. We asked John to give his opinion on the set. John said: “Lager is something I like to indulge in from time to time, especially over Christmas, but I often find myself sticking to the same ones which can become boring. This gift set comes with three bottles of Paolozzi lager, a glass, beer mats & a Paolozzi art print. If I received this as a gift I’d be thrilled and I must admit I have plans to order some more Paolozzi Lager for Christmas!”

Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Paolozzi Gift Pack can be bought online from The Edinburgh Beer Factory for £15 here.

Rubiks Cube Mini Fridge – £149.99

Image of Husky mini fridge

A mini fridge is the perfect gift for anyone, it can be placed in any room and with this stylish Rubiks Cube design this will really stand out. Holly said: “I loved the Rubiks cube design of the mini fridge, it really did make a feature in my room. The fridge held 12 bottles of wine and plenty of beers, perfect for hosting Christmas parties.  My wine and beer stayed at the perfect temperature and it even had a removable wire tray and an open space at the door so I could put in any bottles that I hadn’t finished without the worry of anything spilling or leaking.”

Rubiks Cube Mini Fridge is available to buy from Husky’s Lifestyle for £149.99 here.

Black Leopard Skincare Set For Men – Prices Start From £8.99

Image of Black Leopard set

Winter can be fairly harsh on our face causing dryness and chapped skin so John from our team was keen to give these Black Leopard skincare products a try. John said “I have fairly sensitive skin so at winter in particular I do get dry skin on my face, I tried the 2 in 1 shave gel cleanser and placed a small amount on my hand and used this as my shaving gel which didn’t dry out my skin and gave me a really good shave. I tried the face scrub which is my favourite, the scrub removed any dead skin but didn’t dry me face out at all and actually left me feeling fresh and hydrated. Lastly I used the moisturiser which again hydrated my skin and after a few uses did feel firmer – perfect for those party night outs!”

Black Leopard Skincare Set For Men can be bought individually online and prices start from £8.99 here.

You Know It Makes Sense by Del Boy – £14.99

Image of Del Boy Book

Looking for some sound business advice? Then this is the book for you as the ultimate trader, Del Boy shares his hints, tips and tricks for anybody in the world of business. John said: I’m a huge fan of Only Fools And Horses and who better to get business advice from than Del Boy himself? This book is packed full of funny advice from the ultimate market trader and had me in hysterics and I could literally see some of the advice he is giving in episodes of Only Fools And Horses. A definitely must-read and one I will be reading again and again.”

You Know It Makes Sense Book can be bought online for £14.99 here.

Gillette Limited Edition Fusion Pro Shield 5

Image of Gillette razor

Gillette Limited Edition Fusion Pro Shield 5, Chill with Flexball Razor is the perfect razor to maintain any beard. John being the only male in the team tried this and said “When I used Gillette’s new razor I was impressed with how good and close it shaved. It contoured to my face and moved with ease. There were no cuts from the blade and my felt nice and cool throughout use.”

Gillette Limited Edition Fusion Pro Shield 5 can be bought for £12.00 here.

Guy’s Knit – £22.99

Image of guys knit book

Gone are the days where knitting used to be for those who were of a certain age as we all try our hand at knitting. John from our team said: “I have never tried knitting before, I never knew how to knit let along how to try any patterns etc and never really thought about giving this a go however I’m so glad that I did. This book was packed full of hints, tips, advice and step by step guides to do lots of different knitting. I also really liked the fact that Guys Knit completely went away from any stereotypes surrounding knitting and I can safely say that this will now be one of my hobbies.”

Guy’s Knit book can be bought online for £22.99 here.

Aircharge Executive Wireless Charger – £85.99

Image of Aircharge Wireless Charger

Never again do you have to worry about your phone running our of charge when your out and about with the new Aircharge Executive Wireless Charger. Holly said: “I’m always using my phone for work or personally and when I’m out the one thing I hate is the battery running out when I need it most. I tried the Aircharge and now I don’t have that problem. I charged up the wireless charger and downloaded the app and placed this on my desk, there were no cables, it looked really stylish and I simply placed my phone on the charger and it instantly began charging my phone. I will be taking this with me to work, holidays, basically everywhere!”

Aircharge Executive Wireless Charger can be bought online for £85.99 here.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Blackout Microphone – £119.99

Image of blue microphones yeti

Blue Microphone Yeti is the ultimate microphone for recording podcasts, interviews and videos. Katy said: “I love gadgets and was really keen to try out the microphone. It plugged easily into the side of my computer and it instantly went blue to show it was on. There are four different modes, Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional and I tried each of these. Each recording gave a clear and noise-free recording and I was really impressed with how easy it was to use. The mic is fairly sturdy so there was no need to worry that it was going to fall over or start sliding on the table. I will be using this to record any future podcasts and videos.”

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone can be bought online for £119.99 and more information can be found here.

We would love to receive any of these as gifts this Christmas!

All of these products were sent into us to review but all opinions are our own.

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