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Happy National pizza day – Celebrate with these festive twists

Whether you love to munch on a thin, thick or filled crust, National Pizza day has to be one of our favourite days of the year. Below we share some festive ways you could top or fill your Pizza with.

National Pizza Day
Image credit: Pixabay

The Christmas dinner
Sprouts, roast potatoes and left over meat (or meat free) pieces could adorn your favourite pizza or if you’re in the mood for a little more creativity, start from scratch and make you own.

Fresh Veggie wreath
Whip out your favourite frozen/fresh/homemade pizza and top with as many colours as you can find. Peppers, basil, sweetcorn – basically any vibrant veg you love. Once cooked, cut out a circle in the middle (keep to eat later) and you have a wreath.

The Christmas pudding
OK we all have Christmas puddings lurking in the back of our cupboards, so why not make up a sweet dough, make a smooth chocolate base and top with crumbled pieces of Christmas pudding, once done drizzle all over with even more chocolate.

We’re just not sure how pizza could get any better!

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