Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Here’s some of our favourite Irish Christmas traditions and facts

Today is St. Patrick’s Day so we are taking a look at some of our favourite Irish traditions and facts.

St Patrick's Day

December 8th: This is when Christmas official begins in Ireland with Christmas markets and family and friends all making their way back home to celebrate the festive season.

A pint of Guinness: Can cost anywhere from £2.95 – £4.60 depending on where you get your drink from in according to research by

Christmas Day swim: On Christmas morning, in some parts of Northern and the Republic of Ireland, you will spot hundreds of brave people taking to the sea – often for charity.

St Stephen’s Day: In both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, 26th December is a celebrated public holiday as it is in the UK. However this is known as St Stephen’s Day with Scotland, Wales and England referring to this day as Boxing Day

Happy/Merry Christmas in Irish: Nollaig Shona Duit

Candle in the window: A candle was lit on Christmas eve to signal to Mary and Joseph that they were welcome to the house. Many still do this as a welcome to those passing by that they are welcome to stop in.

Happy St. Patrick's

Women’s rest on the last day of Christmas: When the last day of Christmas comes around women must avoid all housework with the man of the house staying at home to clean, take down the decorations and prepare all the meals – it’s bad luck if you don’t!

These are just a few of our favourite Irish Christmas traditions and facts. To all those celebrating we wish you all a happy and fun St. Patrick’s Day.

Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know.

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