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Home Is Where The Heart Is This Christmas

Some of our favourite memories of Christmas are related to scent. Whenever we smell chicken in the oven, it reminds us of the Christmas Turkey and whenever we smell tinsel it reminds us of throwing it around the house wherever we could as kids. Heart & Home have released a range of Christmas candles and gifts that are guaranteed to leave you feeling all nostalgic and festive. We were kindly sent these to review.

Heart and Home Christmas collection 2015

Our favourites are ‘Waiting For Santa’ which is a cinnamon spicy fragrance that can only be associated with Christmas (and mulled wine yum!) and “Christmas Cupcake” which smells of fudge and vanilla. We could literally eat it right out of the box, though, we definitely would not recommend it – perhaps stick to actual cupcakes instead.

We also were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the new Christmas Gift Sets. The Christmas Votive Gift set includes three festive candles and two glass holders. The scents of the candles are “Waiting For Santa”, “Winter Berries” and “Christmas Tree”. We already mentioned that “Waiting For Santa” is a spicy cinnamon scent.  “Winter Berries” smells sweet but has sharp notes and “Christmas Tree” smells like pine, & Tinsel. If you were to smell a Christmas Tree, this is the scent you would get. All three were incredible and would make a fantastic gift.

heart and home candle

Another gift set we were sent includes two votive’s and a holder. The candles are in scents ‘Festive Cookies” and “Christmas Surprise”.  Both scents are quite similar, though we would say ‘Festive Cookies’ has more ginger and cinnamon, whereas ‘Christmas Surprise’ smells warm and spicy with sharp notes but both not overpowering.

Another item we were sent to take a look at is this gorgeous lantern. You could place any of your candles inside this and light it to give a warm winter glow in the house. The glass on this is a deep orange colour meaning this will look stunning with a flickering flame.  If you were to place this on your window, passers by will even feel festive!


As we placed a candle inside, we were very surprised to find out that it did not heat up the metal handle, it stayed cool however you could feel the heat coming through the small vents at the top.

We think the Christmas collection from Heart & Home is simply stunning and when it comes to putting finishing touches to your Xmas decorations around the house, these would be a must. To view the collection, visit the Heart & Home website.

What do you love the smell of at Christmas? Share your thoughts with us and other below.

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