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Christmas Tree Review 2020: Homebase 6ft 6inch Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Make your evenings sparkle with Homebase 6ft 6inch Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree, here we review the tree from start to finish.

Homebase kindly sent us this tree for review however all opinions are our own, here Katy shares what she felt about the tree.

Homebase 6ft 6 Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree
Homebase 6ft 6 Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree

“Christmas time is here, all be it a little early, but after the year we’ve all had I personally feel like we deserve our tinsel-tastic decoration’s to be put up, so when Homebase sent us the 6ft 6” Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree, I couldn’t wait to assemble and start decorating.

Here’s some fun facts before I sledge my way into the review, this is an artificial six foot and six inch tree with Cashmere effect, mixed tips and comes with 250 flame-retardant Warm white LED lights.

Let’s begin, after turning up the festive tunes, I got stuck straight into lifting the box from the office into our hall, now, Homebase has thought of everything, the handy cardboard box which is like a Christmas present itself has a lovely festive pattern on the front and a handy plastic carry handle, perfect for storing away other ornaments or other homeware products you may want to put away for the Winter.

Homebase 6ft 6 Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree - Boxed

I called Mandy (from our team) through, as I felt opening and assembling was a two person job. Even though the pre lit tree is large, we both felt it wasn’t too heavy and the instructions were very simple, however, we do have to admit it took us a few minutes to locate the light fittings – probably something to do with hot chocolate and mince pies arriving at the same time.

Once we had connected each part of the tree, we noticed that only a slight few of the fake needles had fallen off, which is normal with any new tree and when feeling each of the branches they were not jaggy or rough to separate, actually it did have a soft real tree effect and once all separated looked full and very bushy.

Homebase 6ft 6 Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree - Lights Connected

We placed the tree in a hall however we felt it was slimline enough that it could be put into any room of your home, just as long as the room height is bigger than 6 foot, 6 inches.

Plugging in the Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree looked its best, the warm white lights glowed and made us feel warm and Christmassy – as if we were in a Lapland experience , very impressive!

Next was placing on our decorations – OK there may have been the slightest creative difference so we decided to start by placing Homebase 9 Shatterproof baubles on the tree first, these look gorgeous and fitted the tree perfectly, plus they were definitely shatter-proof as we tested this, you can see the small clip from our Instagram account HERE.

Homebase 9 Shatterproof Baubles

Once we packed the artificial tree (from the inside & out) with fun festive baubles, from unique pieces to old traditional baubles, the tree, as you can see by the image below, looked fantastic and inviting.

Homebase 9 Shatterproof Baubles

The main question is would myself and Mandy recommend Homebase’s 6ft 6inch Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree to Santa himself? – With out a doubt yes! It’s slim, impressive, warm, realistic, easy to set up, looks fabulous and an excellent substitute to the real thing and what’s more, when we packaged it away, it fitted straight back into the box with ease.”

Homebase 6ft 6inch Cashmere Pre Lit Christmas Tree costs £135 (plus £6 P&P or free to collect in-store) and is one of our favourite tree’s of the season.

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