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Brits to use enough outdoor Christmas lights to go to the moon and back 15 times

Britain is set to have its brightest Christmas yet, as experts at Homebase say outdoor lights have become the must-have holiday decoration for 2021.

Homebase outdoor novelty lights

Who doesn’t love twinkling, glowing lights at Christmas? well according to new research by Homebase, it seems even more of us Brits are getting ready to deck out outdoor space bigger and BRIGHTER than ever before.

In fact, the online survey which was conducted by Atomik Research on behalf of Homebase, surveying 2,003 general population respondents in the UK, said British households will use enough outdoor lights to go to the moon and back 15 times – WOAH!

Homebase Traditional Lights


Plus, it won’t all be about traditional warm white outdoor lights, as over half of us (54%) are set to favour multi-coloured, statement-making lights, well we don’t want Santa to miss our homes.

Homebase Outdoor Christmas Lights

Frances Clements, Christmas Buyer at Homebase, comments “This Christmas will truly be the brightest, most colourful Christmas yet – and deservedly so! Whether fuelled by festive frenzy after a bleak 2020 or inspired by some friendly neighbourhood competition, at Homebase we predict more people will use outdoor lights and decorations to glow up their homes, spreading the yuletide spirit beyond just their living rooms to make their entire homes a festive statement. Our customers are embracing Christmas earlier than we’ve seen in previous years and we are here to help with our biggest ever range of outdoor decorations. Our top tip? Make sure to turn your lights off before you go to sleep to reduce light pollution and ensure less impact on the environment – festive lights for you and a good sleep for all creatures big and small.”

Homebase Outdoor Snowman Light

Well if this wasn’t an excuse to put up even more lights this year, we don’t know what is!

(All image credit: Homebase)