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How to Clean up after a Christmas Party

The festivities are over but for the party host, it’s time to clean up!  Here’s how to turn chaos into calm with these simple party clean up suggestions.

Champagne at Christmas party
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Everyone loves a party, especially at Christmas, but getting the house back into order once everyone’s gone home is a whole new game altogether.

Hosting a Christmas party for friends and family is loads of fun but when it’s time for everyone to leave you’re left with all the devastation to clear up. Who would have thought popping Christmas crackers could make such a mess!?

So how can we clean up as quickly and efficiently as possible?

1 – Air the house!

Firstly, draw the curtains and open the windows around the house to make it feel refreshed. Nice though it was, nothing smells worse than yesterday’s booze!  Finally, take a quick look around the house and close the doors to bedrooms and any other rooms that are unlikely to have been used.

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2 – Clear your feet.

Next up, grab three things – a Basin, a Hoover and a black bag. Starting with the living room, collect any dishes that are left lying around inside the Basin, ready for doing dishes.  As you go, collect any rubbish in the black bag, before running around the room with the vacuum cleaner. Move throughout the rest of the house doing the same process.

3 – Keep the mess in one area

Keeping all of the mess in one area is a great idea, this way you’ll only have one messy area and otherwise clean home. As much as it’s a hassle, the kitchen is already likely to be a destruction zone, so perhaps using the Kitchen as your ‘messy place’ is the best way forward.

Hoover in use
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4 – The Kitchen

This is the part that makes us all contemplate asking Santa if he can clean up as our annual gift. Deep breath! We know the devastation of the Kitchen is the biggest task of all.

First things first, if you have children or pets – keep them occupied and away from the kitchen whilst you work otherwise it’s likely that the lovely festive mood from the previous night is likely to dissipate quickly.

Baking in the kitchen
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Next, Empty out any unfinished drinks and put the glasses into the sink or stack the dishwasher, ready for washing. Nobody wants yesterday’s leftovers so put them into a bag and drop them into the bin. Rinse out all the leftover glass bottles etc and put them into strong bags or a box, ready for recycling.

Finally, give your oven a once over with a cleaner and leave it to work it’s miracle while you give the hob a quick squirt with a hob cleaner and a quick wipe over will make your stainless steel taps gleam again.

If you’ve gotten this far – take a moment to pour yourself a Mulled Wine. You deserve it!

A glass of mulled iwne
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5 – Finishing Touches

Finally, grab your vacuum and give it a good run around to finish. Light a gorgeously scented Christmas candle, turn the Christmas Tree on and relax with that Mulled Wine. It might be okay to let the kids and the dog back in now!

Do you have any tips on cleaning after a Christmas Party? Let us know!

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