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How to create a Christmas mood board

From cosy and traditional, to frosted cheer, you can follow our tips on how to create your very own Christmas mood board.

How to create a Christmas mood boardWe earn a commission for products purchased through some of the links in this article

Are you ready to start planning for Christmas and are wondering what theme and decor to fill every inch of your home with the holiday spirit? We’ve got you covered!  Nothing beats moodboards not only are they super easy to create but you can have so much fun doing as many as your imagination will allow.

We’ve put together the best tips on how you can create your very own Christmas mood board.

1. Gather your materials. Gather together all your decorating ideas, any inspiring images, festive fabric swatches, scraps of old decorations even wrapping paper and descriptive words — anything that helps you define the direction of your project. We opted for a traditional Christmas room.

Christmas Tree Mood Board

2. Choose a base colour. Whether you’ve opted for nostalgic, frosted or full-blown glam, decide on your base colours. We chose traditional Red, green and gold, all of which go well together and are a key part of your decorating skill.

3. Add an accent. Very important as you may want eye-popping contrast or softer tones to accentuate your base colours. Use your mood board to play around with options such as adding fabric cut-outs and images of your previous Christmas trees. We added old tartan napkins and photographs of last years decor to give us inspiration.

Christmas fabric


4. Create mood with accessories. Depending on your base colour, search around the web and choose accessories you think may go well with your theme, print off and add to your festive mood board. If you are planning on using decor you already have, then it’s time to pull down from the loft and pick a few key pieces you think will go.

5. Give it a week or two. Like any good planning you may want to go back, edit, change and even go for something completely different, so you are better to leave your mood board, go exploring and bring back any new and exciting key accessories you may want to add or change.

Pink decorations


Your moodboard should be tactile and moveable and the finishing result will end up as a beautiful, festive space. Climb inside your creative mind and make merry inside every room of your home.

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