How To Get The Kids To Sleep On Christmas Eve

It can be very difficult to try and get your kids to sleep on Christmas Eve, just remember all the years you stayed up all night, unable to sleep as you just know Santa is on his way… who are we kidding we still do it!

Below are a few tips to try and get your little one sleeping like an angel before the big day.

Keep them as busy as the elves are: Even though we know parents are very busy getting ready for the big day, take some time out to encourage your kid to play, clean or even help you out for the big day. Keeping them busy through-out the day will make it a little easier come bedtime.

Creating a thank-you card to Santa would be the perfect activity to keep your child busy and let you do other tasks.

Going outside to build a snowman (if the snowy weather stays) or to even just run off the energy will ensure a good nights sleep.

Afternoon: Watching your little ones choice of DVD can help to relax them before dinner or even after dinner. The film doesn’t have to be a Christmas one it could just be a Disney classic or a few recorded TV shows they like.

After Dinner/Bedtime: Just as you thought all the excitement and energy would be drained out from the days activities, your child will just like us all when we were little will have bags of energy left….we ll Santa is on his way so start the night with a lovely bath before they head to sleep. Try and keep with your usual routine as they will know bedtime is coming up and they will have to go to sleep.

Finish the night off with a hot chocolate or warm milk, this will make your kid feel even sleepier. As they head to bed, make sure to read them a bed time story as this will help to keep them relaxed.

Tip: Why not try sending your child to bed just a little earlier than usual, so if they do get back up or want to stay up a little later they actually just end up falling asleep at their normal time.

These are just a few little tips to try and help get your child to sleep on Christmas Eve. Do you have any tips or tricks? why not share them with others and leave a comment? using our comments box below.

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