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How to improve home safety as the evenings get darker

Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas are all events that make the winter and autumn months so spectacular. However, these exciting times come with the worry of burglaries, especially with thieves looking to capitalise on darker evenings. The team at  www.Duette.co.uk have put together the below tips to try and help you improve the safety of your home.

House with snow
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House alarm

Door locked
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A visible alarm box on the outside of the house is sometimes enough to deter potential trespassers, however, a well maintained and functioning alarm is one of the best home security investments you can make for your house. With some alarms, you are now able to notify police when the alarm has been activated, and better still the noise will alert people in your neighbourhood, bringing even the quietest of neighbours to their windows.

Close your blinds during the day

Home interior
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Burglars are often described as opportunists and closing the blinds during the day will prevent the risk of them getting a good view of what you have got in your home that might take their interest. Alternatively, you can get smart blinds that you can open and close from anywhere using an app.

The above tip also goes hand in hand with the obvious tip of not leaving valuables in sight of windows and doors.


Gravel stones
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Putting gravel on your drive/front garden can be a deterrent because it is noisy and will alert anyone in the house to someone walking up, which is an instant turn off for potential thieves.

Give them a challenge

Christmas gates
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Gates and fences will make it much more difficult for thieves to get into your home. High fences and trellis in your garden will also prevent them getting close to the back of your home. Ultimately, being the opportunists that they are, they likely won’t be keen on the challenge and will search for a weaker looking target.

Hide your keys

Door Keys
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Your keys shouldn’t be easy to locate for any prospective burglars, nor should they be in reach of the door or any open windows.  One way for you to ensure they aren’t in view is to keep a key box away from doors and windows.


CCTV Camera
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Cameras are an instant turn off for thieves because, even if they manage to get away with some valuables, there is a good chance you may be able to track them down. There are many great forms of CCTV, and you can even get smart doorbells that you can interact with when you’re not at home.

Help thy neighbour

Home at Christmas
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If you or a neighbour are travelling abroad, help each other out by going around and opening and closing blinds and turning the lights on and off at key times of the day. Making the house look lived in is a key part of deterring thieves, so it would also be recommended to avoid a build-up of post especially in sight of windows and doors.

Always lock doors and windows

Image of Christmas door
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It is an obvious tip, but it would be recommended to keep these locked even if you are in the home. You don’t want to give burglars an open goal for getting into your home.


Social media phone
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It would be advisable to avoid oversharing on social media; if thieves don’t know when you are in and what you have in your home, it will reduce the risk of thieves targeting your home. Sharing that you’re going on your holiday on your social media accounts can also invalidate your home insurance if you were to be broken into.


Labrador dog
Image credit: doanme via Pixabay

Dogs are great at deterring nervous thieves. Admittedly some dogs will be more intimidating than others, but the sound of them barking will be enough to scare most thieves into fleeing.

Whilst there is no way of completely protecting your home, remaining vigilant and taking the above steps will help reduce the risk of thieves attempting a burglary on your home.

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