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How to keep your home warm during Winter

Winter can really increase the cost of heating our homes, so what can we do to improve our heat efficiency in the home? Take a look at our top tips below.

Home at Christmas
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1. Get a smart meter

Electric Meter
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These are a great way to keep track on your heating bill, you can see how much you’re spending each day on heating. Not only that, you can check and see which appliances etc are costing the most and try and get the cost down.

2. Put in double glazing

Christmas Window
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If you have single glazing in your home, odds are you’re losing a lot of heat. By getting double glazing not only will you be able to keep the heat in for longer but you won’t hear the wind! You can go online to find out the cost of installing double glazing and get the best deal.

3. Insulate your home

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Insulate your home including your loft as these are areas in your home which lose the most heat.

4. Keep your furniture away from radiators

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If you have a sofa right in front of the radiator then there is no way for the heat to get out and heat up the room, so make sure your furniture is away from your radiators.

5. Draw the curtains

Christmas curtains
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Drawing your curtains is a great, cost effective way to keep the heat in your room. The curtains will keep the heat in the room and if there are any holes etc at the windows, will stop any drafts from getting into the room.

These are just a few tips to help heating your home during winter.

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