How to make the most of small spaces in the home

Making the most of small spaces in our home is never easy and deciding where to start can be a problem all on its own.


Before you get started, decide which decluttering method is best for you. Are you an ‘everything at once’ or a ‘bit by bit’ declutterer?

Many of us are overwhelmed by our possessions, wardrobes filled to bursting point with clothes that we rarely wear and bathroom cabinets overflowing with toiletries we were given at Christmas that will never see the light of day.


So where do we start? Jumping in with both feet invariably results in items we want to keep being added to the charity shop collection. Decluttering your room should be top of your priority list, be ruthless and remove anything you no longer like, use or value.

Once you’ve completed your decluttering, gather up all your unwanted items and take them along to a local charity shop who will doubtless be extremely grateful to receive them.

Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your home, especially at Christmas, but how can we free up some much needed cupboard space before the festive season kicks in?

Gary Lyons, Managing Director at Plastic Box Shop gave us these great suggestions for extra storage space. Gary said:

“If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you might be wondering how you’re going to fit everything, from a giant turkey to your chosen Christmas pudding, into your fridge and cupboards.

image – Pixabay

I would highly recommend having a pre-Christmas kitchen clean-out to ensure there’s nothing you no longer need that’s taking up valuable room. If you can, remove any excess packaging from items like cereal, pasta, and multipacks. You can transfer these items into containers such as plastic boxes and glass jars that will take up less cupboard space.


If you still think you’re going to require more space, consider investing in some smart storage options. For example, you could buy spice racks and wire shelving that can be attached to your cupboard doors to provide more space for storing any jars, tins, and bottles. You could also attach baskets to the underside of your existing shelves to create more room too. Then, when you come home with all of your Christmas grocery shopping, it’ll be much easier for you to find a space for everything.”


Now that you’ve completed your decluttering how can you make your room(s) feel festive and appear bigger and brighter while leaving as much floor space as possible?

We spoke to Adam Watson, Head Interior Designer at Decorela who said:

“If you have a small room you’ll want either a small Christmas tree, 3 or 4 foot, or just accessorise the room; if it is really small and there is not enough floor space then you could decorate a fireplace instead or have a wreath on the door and some Christmas lights in the window.


Having Christmas scented candles lit also is just a small touch that can make a small room festive and the the addition of a large mirror on one of your walls,  will reflect the natural light and help make space appear brighter”

Finding space for a Christmas tree and decorations can be a real problem for many so we asked Allison Chatten, interiors specialist and designer at Bazaar Group for some suggestions.

This is what Alison said:

“Space is a real issue for many people, so combining practical furniture that can adapt to the multitude of situations you use one space for can be tricky. But it is possible.


Reducing clutter is key. Tall open-backed shelving can move storage space upwards, or lifting it off the floor entirely with floating shelves and wall mounted lights rather than lamps will help increase the impression of space.

Muted tones and calming shapes are ideal for giving smaller rooms a sense of space. However, more vibrant colours can create an atmosphere of cosiness and give a room individual flair”

Now the hard work is done it’s time to relax and enjoy your new look home.

image: Pixabay-Pexels

Will you give your home a makeover prior to the festive season?
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