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How To Play Perudo – The Classic Game Of Liar Dice

Perudo, made in South America, is a game of guesswork, bluff and luck, so when UTCT were kindly sent this game to review we couldn’t wait to give it a try.

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You will need a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 to play Perudo and this is suitable for ages 8 years and up. When opening the tin you will find 6 cups, 1 lid, 30 dice, 1 cloth pouch and 1 rule book.

John, Elaine and Holly all wanted to take part so to begin with they were each given a cup and 10 dice of the same colour, then they were told the aim of the game which is quite simply, reduce the number of dice in play and the winner is the last one left with any dice, sounds easy doesn’t it?

To decide who went first, each of the players threw the dice and who ever got the highest went first, in this case it was Holly. The dice were then divided between the players equally, for example if there are 6 players then each of player would get 5 dice.

Holly then looked at her dice and without telling anyone what her dice were showing, made a call based on an estimate if how many dice of a particular number there were under all of the cups on the table, for example there are six threes and then each player (starting from the left) makes their predictions but here’s the catch, each bid must be higher than the last bid.  Holly then made a prediction that there were two threes showing around the table,  the player to her left, which was John, then made a bid that there were four fives showing around the table and finally Elaine made her bid.

However, a new rule was placed into the game, if a player has an Ace then these are counted towards the value of whichever bid is made. Elaine, whose bid was less than than she predicted, had an Ace so that  counted towards the value of her bid.  John’s bid was less than he predicted but he did not have any Aces so he couldn’t raise the bid any higher and called out DUDO which means I doubt in Spanish. This stopped the bidding process and the last bid was accepted.  At this point each of the players uncovered their dice and if the bid was ‘four fives’ and there were fewer than four showing and there are no Aces then the player (in this case John) lost one of his dice!

The winner of this round was Elaine, although John was a gracious loser, Holly was a little disappointed that she lost and wanted a rematch as she can be a little bit competitive!

Perudo by Paul Lamond is the perfect game to have lots of laughs and get all the family involved, plus you can even take this game with you if your going on holiday etc as it all stores away in a travel tin!

Will you be asking Santa for Perudo this Christmas? Comment below and let us know.

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