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How to spread the cost for the ‘big present’ at Christmas

Trying to shop online for the big present? It can sometimes seem impossible to find something and when you do it can cost a fortune. So how can you spread the cost?

Image of Christmas shopping online
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1. Put a little away each week

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Get a tin and with any loose change that you have at the end of the week put it into the tin. A few pounds each week until Christmas can really add up and help you afford the big gifts.

2. Online catalogues

Online Shopping
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Using online catalogues can help you to spread the cost. Many companies offer ‘pay monthly‘ options these days, and you could easily buy the big present and pay monthly online so that you’re not spending huge amounts of money

3. Wait for Black Friday deals

Black Friday
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Black Friday can see retailers both online and in-store reduce the prices on toys, gadgets, electrical, clothing and much more. Shopping on these days can really help you save some money on the bigger gifts.

4. Go to auction sites

Auction Sites
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Head on over to auction sites such as eBay to see if anyone is selling the item you’re after. Alot of people sell items that they no longer want or need at quite a low price so you can bid and save some money.

5. Hit the sales

Christmas Sales
Image credit: Victoria_Borodinova via Pixabay

In January most online retailers have loads of products on sale, while you may no want to buy the big present that early, buying all of the other presents such as clothing in the sales can take the financial burden off in December. If the only thing left you have to buy is the big present, you can save a little each month throughout the year when you see the big gift on offer nearer Christmas you can buy it without worrying about buying everything else at the same time.

These are just a few handy tips to help spread the cost at Christmas!

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