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Christmas Gift Review 2020: IMO Q4 Pro Smartphone

With Christmas right around the corner, it will come as no surprise that loads of new gadgets and electronics are heading their way onto the shelves. We were lucky enough to be kindly gifted the IMO Q4 Pro Smartphone – a low priced smartphone that packs a big punch – and we wanted to share our thoughts.

Image of IMO Q4 Pro mobile phone
Image credit: IMO Mobile

The IMO Q4 Pro Smartphone is a high performing, low-cost smartphone which is a fantastic alternative to some of the high-end models on the market. Priced at just £60, this is a phone we were really keen to put through its paces.

So first off, a bit about the phone. Available on PAYG from Tesco, the IMO Q4 Pro is a typical smartphone that gives you access to social media, front camera and dual rear camera, and Android software, all of which are available using the 5.45″ sleek blue phone.

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Loaded with 16GB of internal memory and an average talk time of  up to12 hours per charge, this is certainly high performing

Tesco, £60: SHOP NOW

We asked Holly to share her thoughts on the device. Here’s what she had to say.

“With so many devices available, especially at Christmas time, it can be hard to keep up with what is worth asking Santa Claus for, which is why I am sharing my thoughts on the IMO Q4 Pro Smartphone which we were kindly gifted.

Upon seeing that this is priced at just £60, I was slightly sceptical. So often you are lead to believe that the higher the cost, the higher the performance. With this being a low-cost smartphone, I truly didn’t expect the Q4 to be as high performing as it is.

Image of IMO Q4 Pro on

The technical specifications reveal that this boasts an Android OS, social media access, dual rear camera,up to 12 hours talk time and face unlock.  I was keen to find out for myself

First off, a bit like some of the old school phones, you need to pop the back off the phone and insert the sim card and battery pack. The phone is incredibly lightweight and doing this was really straightforward.

The phone was pre-loaded with around 50% charge, but I plugged in the phone to fully charge it and within roughly half an hour, I had 100% charge.

Image of IMO Q4 Pro settings

Starting up the phone was much like other devices – You simply set up date and time, wifi connection and you can start downloading the apps you prefer from Google Play using the android device.

Everything is very straight forward to use and is far less complex than some of its more expensive counterparts.

Loaded with Bluetooth capability, brightness adjuster and dual rear cameras, this is definitely a serious rival to other brands. The cameras are 5MP in the front and 8MP + 0.3MP at the back – ideal for snapping everything from cute animals to Christmas selfies

Tesco, £60: SHOP NOW

I was very impressed with this and would highly recommend it as a fantastic gift this Christmas. This would be ideal for anyone just starting out with technology or for someone who prefers something a little less ‘complicated’ to use. Anyone would be lucky to find this under their Christmas Tree this 2020″

The IMO Q4 Pro smartphone is available from Tesco for £60 and more information can be found at IMO Mobile.