Interesting Facts from the Sixties

The swinging sixties was the decade of short skirts and flower power. It was the decade that we all watched Corrie and swooned to the music of The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Below you can see some fun 1960’s fun facts:


Coronation Street first aired but it wasn’t until 1961 that it went mainstream, who would have thought Ena Sharples and her hairnet would catch on and still be going strong in 2014

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Lego was seen at the Brighton Toy Fair for the first time in 1960 and the blocks took Britain by storm, guess what was on every childs Christmas list.


On April 12, Russian Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. He became an instant worldwide celebrity and visited several countries including Britain during 1961.

Think of Audrey Hepburn wearing her black dress and oversized sunglasses – what else would spring into your mind than the epic Breakfast At Tiffany’s which in 1961 won an oscar for Henry Mancini’s film score and for the song ‘Moon River’.


The audio cassette was invented and by Christmas many carol singers had pre recorded their songs onto a cassette tape.

A big year for Cliff Richard (the Peter Pan of Pop) and The Shadows, as The Young Ones became a No.1 hit


Saw the Sindy Doll hitting the UK public and kids everywhere started to collect Sindy clothes which by Christmas were high on their most wanted list

The Beatles began their career. They leapt to fame in 1963 with ‘Please, Please Me and had a Christmas No. 1 with “I Want to Hold Your Hand“which remained in the charts for 5 weeks


BBC 2 went on air

Play School launched on BBC2, it was the first programme aired on BBC2 and always asked Which window shall we look through today?


Favourite movie of the year was Dr Zhivago – Omar Sharif and Julie Christie starred in this epic movie about the Russian Revolution, it was nominated for 10 oscars and won 5.

Every boy wanted to be a tonka truck kid but by Christmas 1965 it was essential to be a Tonka Mighty Dump Truck kid.


One year footy fans won’t forget as England won the football World Cup

In 1966, the first Intercity train was used


First heart transplant operation was performed by surgeon Christiaan Barnard, who transplanted a heart from 25-year-old woman who was fatally injured in a car accident into a 53 year old grocer who was dying from chronic heart disease.

Ideal first released KerPlunk in 1967, this simple to play game became a huge hit, with families getting together after Christmas dinner to play.


A dog for Christmas! Fisher-Price scored a massive hit with Snoopy their ‘dog on wheels’.

”Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?” as Dad’s Army burst onto UK screens and we still enjoy watching the re runs.


On 2nd March 1969 , Concorde, the world’s first supersonic passenger jet made its maiden voyage from Toulouse.

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the very first man to walk on the moon and then spoke the famous words “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Do you have any interesting facts about the swinging sixties that we’ve missed?  Do get in touch below and tell us about them and your sixties experiences and be part of our ByGone Christmases.

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