Is a Christmas Tree shortage hitting the UK?

The UK is facing a shortage of real Christmas trees this year due to new legislation which will push up red tape and importation costs. Christmas trees over three metres in height will require a ‘Plant Passport’ to enter the UK, which could result in a UK Christmas Tree shortage.

Image credit: JillWellington via Pixabay

The UK Christmas tree market relies heavily on imported trees, £3 million worth of real trees mainly from France, Belgium and Denmark were imported last year alone and the risk of insect infestation will up the cost of giant trees by around 200%.

Christmas tree
Image credit: geralt via Pixabay

Due to the increasing cost of ‘real’ trees, top Christmas Tree supplier – Christmas Tree World has seen an increase of 40% in their giant artificial trees for the second year and as Brexit gets ever closer will the price of real Christmas trees become more expensive?

Many families have now opted for a realistic, artificial Christmas tree which removes the stresses and worries that come with a ‘real’ tree that is safe and easy and all the family can take part in dressing the tree.

Do you have a real or artificial Christmas tree in your home over the festive season?

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