Is Easter turning into Christmas-the Return?

With bigger television ads, family feasts and lavish presents being bought, has Easter started to turn into a mini Christmas two?

Easter and Christmas certainly have a few things in common – Chocolate, family and of course Jesus Christ, however it seems Easter is starting to creep into Christmas territory… Let the battle of the baubles begin!

With even more TV adverts than ever before, it would appear that families are now buying expensive gifts for children instead of the usual egg with a cup and many now also decorate their homes in keeping with Easter.

Do these changes in how Easter is being celebrated make it almost as big a commercial selling time as Christmas itself?

With many families now celebrating Easter Sunday with a family celebration meal and as supermarket shelves bend with the number of delicious Easter eggs, children’s gifts  and other themed treats, we ask – is Easter becoming ‘Christmas-the Return’?

Unlike Christmas, which always occurs on December 25th, Easter doesn’t have a specific date and this year we will celebrate Easter Sunday on 16th April.

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