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It’s Time to Don Your Santa Suit

Looking for a job?  then it’s time to don your Santa suit and head on down to your local job centre as businesses start to look for Christmas employment.

You’re probably just back or waiting to head off on your annual summer break with the family, after all the kids have only recently broken up from school.

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However, down at local job centres is more about Ho! Ho! Ho! than fun in the sun as firms are already preparing to hire their festive staff.

If you have what it takes to be a Santa or an elf, then jingle all the way down to your local jobcentre and get your application in.

Employment Minister Priti Patel said: ‘Christmas getting earlier every year is a big talking point for many people across the UK.  ‘But in every part of the UK there are many businesses who are already preparing for Christmas, which means many more opportunities for jobseekers to boost their skills and CVs.

‘There are more than 700,000 job vacancies in the economy at any one time and as part of our one nation government, we want everyone to be able to succeed and achieve their full potential.

‘That’s why, with the government’s new productivity plan, and introduction of the new living wage, we are ensuring everyone benefits from the economic recovery.

‘These jobs might just be for Christmas, but the skills learnt are for life and can lead onto future opportunities.’

Is Santa Claus your alter ego?  Get in touch and tell us what you enjoyed most about becoming Santa or an elf.

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