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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Jing Matcha Shaker & Matcha Tin

Looking to get the perfect Matcha tea in minutes? Then look no further than the Jing Matcha Shaker & Matcha tin set. We were delighted to receive both the Jing Matcha Set, here’s what Elaine from our team said.

Image Of Jing Teat Set For Two
Image credit: Jing Tea

Elaine said: “I really do enjoy tea and love trying out different flavours and ways to make it so I was really excited to give the Jing Matcha Shaker & Matcha Tin a try. First I will say I loved the packaging, the set came in a beautiful box with the word JING written on the front and I thought it looked very elegant.

Image Of Jing Tea Matcha Shaker And Matcha Tin

Inside I found the Jing Shaker and of course the Matcha Tin which had the tea. The shaker itself is in a gold matte colour and has a black lid. One of the main things I liked is that it can be used to keep the tea hot or if I wanted it as an iced tea, nice and cool.

Image Of Jing Tea Matcha Tin

The Matcha Tin comes again in the same gold colour with the JING logo on the top and it comes in an airtight tin so it will stay nice and fresh until the day you open it. So I added in 1.5 grams of Matcha, 160ml of hot water as per the instructions and mix this all together for around 15-20 seconds and I had the perfect Matcha tea that I could drink there and then or take it with me on the go. I found the taste quite earthy and was very smooth to drink and I really enjoyed it.”

Image Of Jing Tea Matcha Whisk

Priced at around £54, the 250g stainless steel Matcha Shaker Shaker & Matcha Tin is designed for modern lifestyles and requires just a gentle hand wash. All you have to do is shake it up and enjoy your vibrant Japanese tea. Please note that the Matcha Shaker is not suitable for use in a dishwasher or microwave.

JING is on a mission to reframe expectations in the world of tea – leaving behind mediocre, bland and commoditised blends and taking people on a journey to tastes and lands unknown via distinctive teas of such surprising clarity and purity that they wow the senses; teas sourced directly from single gardens and master tea makers.

This Jing Tea set will be available from the Jing website and the JING store at 18-19 St. Christopher’s Place, London W1U 1NN.