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JK Rowling’s The Christmas Pig film adaptation in the works

JK Rowling’s hugely popular children’s Christmas book The Christmas Pig is reportedly getting a film adaptation and we’re squealing at the thought of this…

JK Rowling The Christmas Pig Childrens Book


Happy Hoglidays festive friends as we’re super excited to share that according to US entertainment news website Variety.com JK Rowling’s ‘The Christmas Pig’ is set to be made into a film!

We know that curling up and reading a Christmas tale makes us as relaxed as Santa after Christmas Eve so when we heard that a new film adaptation for ‘The Christmas Pig’ could be in the works we just had to let you know.

The Christmas Pig

The Christmas Pig book was released in October 2021 and soon became a huge hit with children, the story follows Jack and his cherished childhood companion, Dur Pig or DP for short.

DP has been a steadfast companion, offering solace during both joyous and challenging times. However, on one fateful Christmas Eve, tragedy strikes as DP goes missing. Yet, Christmas Eve is renowned for its capacity for miracles and redemption, a time when even the most improbable dreams can materialize. Enter the Christmas Pig, Jack’s latest toy acquisition and DP’s boisterous successor, with a bold proposition: Join forces to undertake a fantastical quest in search of what has been lost, and to rescue the dearest friend Jack has ever known.


When Will The Christmas Pig Film be Released?

We’ve reached out to J.K Rowling’s production company for more information on a release date and once we receive this will be sure to keep you updated.

Who will produce/air ‘The Christmas Pig’?

Currently, no information has been released however if we were to speculate, the likelihood is that perhaps BBC may be in the running as the production company also aired JK Rowling’s previous book – Strike.

Where can I buy the children’s book – The Christmas Pig?

You can currently purchase The Christmas Pig here at Amazon.co.uk for under a tenner. (Prices correct at time of publishing}

We’re squealing with joy at this news!