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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021

Christmas is coming around fast and that means one thing – Who, what and when will the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021 be out? Here’s what we know so far.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021
Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

Christmas is now just 113 days away, and round about now is the time many start to think what this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert will be and who will sing the iconic song.

Already the UK retailer has launched its online Christmas shop and seven key themes for the festive period, so, we feel now is the appropriate time to start wondering just what will be in the John Lewis & Waitrose Christmas advert 2021?

Below we take a look back and speculate for this year:

Last year’s advert saw John Lewis & Waitrose team up with ‘Give A Little Love’ with the message of paying kindness forward with singer, Celest as the voice of the advert with ‘A Little Love’.

John Lewis and Waitrose Christmas Advert 2020 Scene

When will the John Lewis Christmas advert 2021 be released?

If previous years are to go by, an early November 2021 release is likely. Last year the John Lews advert aired first on social media at 7am on Friday, November 13, so for 2021, we could be looking at around 12th November?…

What will be the John Lewis Christmas advert song for 2021?

In previous year’s we’ve had big hitters such as Celest, Elton John, Lilly Allen and Elbow all putting their vocal on the John Lewis advert, so this year certainly has to live up to pretty big standards, and we’re already speculating that ABBA could be a front runner as the group have just released brand new music after 40 years!

What will the John Lewis advert be for this year?

Again, there’s not been any specific details and everyone at the brand is keeping any info under lock and key, even Christmas buyer Jason wouldn’t give us any hints in our Q&A.

If we were going to speculate, we think perhaps a new animal character, especially after the UK retailer launched a host of animal baubles to its online Christmas shop, including the Mandarin Duck.

John Lewis Copper River Glass Mandarin Duck Bauble

As always, come mid-September we will put our full prediction of this year’s advert on our website and like every year we’re 100% likely to get it totally wrong.