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Jumbo Announces Limited Edition Christmas Puzzles

Marking its 40th Birthday, Jumbo Games are set to release 40 new puzzles including two limited edition Falcon De Luxe and WASGIJ Christmas 12: The Big Turn On! Christmas puzzles. We were kindly sent this to review.

Jumbo Games Christmas Puzzles 2016

Fans of the Falcon de luxe puzzles are going to be giving something special this year, what? we hear you ask – 40 new jigsaw puzzles throughout 2016 to mark the milestone that is turning forty, plus this Christmas you’ll be able to ask Santa for the Limited Edition two 1000 piece jigsaws.

The first two puzzles from Jumbo and part of the Falcon de luxe range will have you building traditional scenes of Santa in his workshop surrounded by teddy’s and Santa ringing his bell whilst waiting to take a festive journey on a steam train.

the Falcon de luxe Christmas 2016 puzzles

Next up is WASGIJ Christmas 12: The Big Turn On! two 1000 piece Christmas puzzles games where you have to use your imagination and clues provided to piece together what the scene printed on the box will look like after a sequence of events plays out. The Christmas edition see’s a Victorian market, a brass band and a host of characters pulling very shocked faces.

is WASGIJ The Big Turn On two 1000 piece Christmas puzzles games

Already noted on our list to Santa, we can’t wait for these to be launched!

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Why not wish Jumbo Games a happy fortieth below?.

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