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Kano – A Computer And Coding Kit For Kids Of All Ages

All over the UK kids have started to write their first Christmas list of the year, doubless many more will follow and on many top of the list will be a tablet. However UnderTheChristmasTree loved the build-you-own computer by KANO.


As it’s unlikely that Santa will disappoint them, perhaps he could be encouraged to deliver a Kano Computer Kit instead.  With this kit children age 6 and over are shown how build their own working computer, and everything they will need is contained in the brightly coloured orange box.

Already hugely popular in America it was inspired by a six year old who wanted to make his own computer that had to be as simple and fun as Lego.


Children will love putting this computer together, who knows, your child may be the next Bill Gates, and following the guided storybooks and simple steps that show how to make a computer they will quickly get to grips with coding and from there the possibilities are endless.

The Computer Kit contains:-

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, ARM 900MHz Quad-Core CPU and 1GB RAM
  • 8GB micro-SD Card preloaded with the latest Kano OS full of projects and games
  • Kano books, illustrated and intuitive
  • Wireless Kano Keyboard and mouse (USB RF & Bluetooth)
  • DIY speaker
  • Custom case, stencils and stickers!
  • HDMI cable
  • Wifi dongle
  • Mini-USB power supply (UK plug)

The Kano Computer Kit is designed for kids but adults can also get involved with both the build and coding and once completed why not challenge each other to one of the games you’ve just built. When John in the office started to build our Kano computer (as Kano kindly sent one for us to try) he stood very nervously wondering where and how to start, however after reading through the instructions he got to grips with it all very easily.

Next is when the really fun began for John – coding! taking him through step by step the instruction booklet was very handy, adding blocks of code to create the Snake game, John couldn’t believe it when he could actually add extra lives and change colours – even though John is an adult full grown he does act like a child….sometimes!


Kano is described by the manufacturers as ‘a story’. With illustrated ideas and simple steps, build a computer, make stuff, and explore a new world. Overall this really does put the cool-factor into coding, as you’ll already know children are being taught more and more to do coding and use computers so not only will this advance your child at school but adults can also learn a little something so they can help out with coding homework too.

The ultimate Christmas gift for the whole family!

Priced at 1p short of £100 the Kano Computer Kit is available HERE at AMAZON UK.  For more information please visit: http://uk.kano.me/

Do you have a budding creator who’d love to find this computer kit under your Christmas tree on Christmas morning?  Share your thoughts below.

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