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Kurio Tab XL – The Safest Tablet For Kids

Looking for a tablet where your kids can use apps, play games, download etc but want to make sure that there are parental controls? The Kurio Tab XL is your answer and UTCT were kindly sent one of these so we put it to the test.

When picking up the Kurio Tab XL the first thing we noticed was that the box was fairly heavy, but when we opened up the box we realised why.  Inside the box we were greeted by a monster of a tablet, and with a screen size of 10.1 inches the tablet looked seriously cool. Mains Adapter to charge the tablet and accessories were also included in this box as well as a stand for the tablet.

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You can buy the Kurio Tab XL at Amazon UK

Taking the Kurio out of the box was easy as it just slipped out of the box,  we were impressed with the silicon cover the tablet comes in, making it really grip-able and less likely to slip out of our hands.  We noticed straight away that the Kurio Tab XL had a protected screen cover as well as specific instructions which we had to follow before turning it on.  So after reading the instructions about the protector screen, we removed this protector and then plugged in the Kurio for charging.  When first used it requires to be charged for 3 hours.  Once this is done hold the ON button, which is found on the top of the tablet, for around 5 seconds.

Turning on the Tab XL we were greeted with a range of different options and after stating that this tablet is the safest tablet for kids, we took a look at each option. Initially we had to create a Kurio Parental account, following the steps was easy; we simply put in our language, connected to our Wi-Fi, selected Normal mode and put in our email address.  After that we entered a pin number that we would remember and that was it, the parental controls were now set up and we could browse the interface without any restrictions.

Next we had to set up a Kurio User profile, this is where we could enter our child’s name, birth-date and gender and then we pressed the tick button – but please be warned – if you press the x button all the information you’ve entered will be lost and you will have to start all over again – we did this…twice…it wasn’t good times.

The next step is setting what your child can access;  there are four different options to choose from, these are:

Child Profile with Web Access, this will allow your child to access the internet using it’s Kurio Genius Internet Content Filtering System which will block inappropriate content.

Child Profile without Web Access, this will allow no web access but does allow access to the apps – although some of them do need access to the internet.

Education Profile which again will give no web access and will only show educational apps.

I will define my own settings myself, you can configure your own settings.

We selected the Child Profile with Web Access and at this point we had to choose, from the parental account or the child account, who would be using the Kurio and took a look at both.

The parental account allowed us to make any changes to the settings on the child account. We could alter the internet settings, choose which apps were allowed on the child’s profile interface and we could even set a time management for the Kurio.  This was where we could set a limit for the amount of time the Kurio Tab XL could be played each day.

We had the option to choose from, Day by Day, where we could have different time allowances for each day, or we could apply the same settings for the entire week. We could also change any profile settings for example protecting the user with a password, allowing external links in Apps and allowing a USB connection.

Moving from the Parental Account to the Child Account was easy to do, we simply selected the user profile we wanted and then selected the Child Interface to take a look at the features and to see if the parental controls we set up worked.

Browsing through the interface was simple, just click on the feature you want to use such as the apps – which only showed the apps we allowed in the parental control. There was also a small task bar at the bottom which had different settings such as changing the avatar, changing the theme, Wi-Fi, – if access has been allowed, and more.   There was also an option to go back to the main toolbar. After 1 hour of using the Kurio, the parental controls that we set for the time allowance came up and no more access was allowed on the child account for the rest of that day!

Other features available on this tablet include: over 50 pre-loaded games, access to over 150 ebooks, 10 pre-loaded motion apps, which include a Learn & Fun pack and a Sports pack which the Kurio tablet cameras will sense and then track your movements!

We took a look at the other options available on the Kurio itself: at the top of the tablet you will find the speaker and the 2.1 mega pixel front camera.  We were impressed with the clarity of the picture – it’s perfect for taking a selfie!  There is also a 2.2 mega pixel rear camera as well as the recording function and headphone jack so you can listen to music, although there are speakers if you want the volume to be heard by everyone!

Also included in the Kurio is a Micro SD card slot for extra memory, although the Kurio already has 8GB of memory built in.

Overall we thought the Kurio Tab XL – which is suitable for ages 4 years and up, is a brilliant tablet. It’s packed full of features that kids will love and feel the parental controls which give you  peace of mind knowing that your child is only using the features you want them to, is a wonderful idea.

You can buy the Kurio Tab XL at Amazon UK

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