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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Learning Resources Steggy The Fine Motor Dino

Learning Resources Steggy the Fine Motor Dino will help kids build hand strength and other fine motor skills development. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Image Of Learning Resources Steggy Dino
Image credit: Learning Resources

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“When I first saw Steggy the Fine Motor Dino, I thought that this was one cute Dino and I could see why kids would love to play with Steggy. There was no assembly required and the spikes are found inside Steggy which has different colours and each one has a number on the spike, – there were 10 spikes in total.

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Image of Learning Resources Steggy the Fine Motor Dino

I felt that this was a great way to encourage children to use their imaginations as parents could help them do lots of activities and in the instructions, there were several suggestions for activities such as a memory game which would see several spikes of different colours in Steggy’s back and your child would have a long look and close their eyes. Remove a spike and have your child try and guess which colour was missing, which I think is a great memory game!

Image of Steggy with spikes

It is also a great way to help children develop strength in their hands, as when they pick up the spikes, this helps to strengthen their thumb and forefinger which is great when doing activities such as arts. I did also like the fact that I could easily keep all of the spikes together by storing them inside Steggy as this meant that when this was finished with, no pieces were lost.

Image of Steggy storage

Overall I thought Steggy the Dino was a great way to help solve problems, encourage imaginations and help to develop hand strength. I think kids will love Steggy.”

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Learning Resources Steggy the Fine Motor Dino is suitable for ages 18 months plus and does not require any batteries or assembly.

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