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Let Toys Be Toys @ ToysRUs

The Let Toys Be Toys campaign continues to make massive strides in the toy market as their consumer campaign is taken on board by yet another toy company.

After a very successful meeting with toy store giant Toys R Us’ UK board members, it was agreed that the group would draw up a set of principles for in-store signage which will result in the removal of gender references to toys.

Toys R Us also committed to begin the change by examining the way their Christmas catalogue represents toys.

After their successful meeting MD Roger McLaughlan said: “We very much enjoyed meeting Let Toys Be Toys. We will work with the Let Toys be Toys team to ensure we develop the best plan for our customers.”

Megan Perryman, Let Toys be Toys campaigner, added: “We’re delighted to be working so closely with a major toy retailer and believe that there is much common ground here. Even in 2013, boys and girls are still growing up being told that certain toys are ‘for’ them, while others are not.

“This is not only confusing but extremely limiting, as it strongly shapes their ideas about who they are and who they can go on to become. We look forward to seeing Toys R Us lead the way to a more inclusive future for boys and girls.”

Toys R Us now join the ever increasing number of UK retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, TK Maxx and The Entertainer, who have, following intervention from Let Toys Be Toys  agreed to banish ‘Girls’ & ‘Boys’ signs from their aisles.

As a supporter of the ‘Let Toys Be Toys for Girls and Boys’ campaign since it first began, UndertheChristmasTree are delighted to see more toy companies come on board.

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