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Cookers for girls? Tools for boys? Can’t we just let toys be toys?

If you like many others have noticed a change in the way toys are marketed and searched for this could be because of the increasing popularity in gender neutral toys.

UndertheChristmasTree felt passionately about this subject and after checking with our visitors we found that most of them did too.

Is it necessary to have a Pink section for girls toys or Blue for boys? We agree wholeheartedly with Let Toys Be Toys that, No – It is Not!

When we think of top chefs does Jamie Oliver spring to mind? Then why is it that toy cookers are found in the Girls Toys Section?

Do you own a pink car – I don’t, mine is grey, so why are toy cars for girls invariably pink?

Are the scientists of the future going to be boys only?  I very much doubt it so why on earth are scientific toys always in the Boys Section – Aaaaargh!!!!!!!!

We at UndertheChristmasTree hold our hands up to the fact that, yes, the toys on our website are under Girls, Boys sections – but not for long. We’ve seen the error of our ways and this will change just as soon as we possibly can.

You can read the full article from Let Toys Be Toys here


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