Let Vacu Vin Help Keep Your Wine Cool This Christmas

We all enjoy a cheeky glass of wine or a spirit over Christmas and these innovative ideas from vacu vin will add a new dimension to your favourite tipple. We were kindly sent this to review.

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You may not have heard of Whiskey Stones, these are small stones that can be kept in your freezer and used instead of ice cubes to keep your favourite tipple at just the right temperature. What’s even better, they don’t melt so your drink is not diluted as it would be using traditional ice cubes.

Red Wine is always best when it’s been allowed to breathe. Using this new Swirling Carafe your wine will (with a gentle push) turn and roll. This functional eye-catcher is sure to be a talking point among your guests and with it’s cork based turning platform it will add a whole new dimension to your wine tasting.

The vacu vin Wine Set features 6 indispensable items for making the most of your wine.

Keep your Active Cooler in the freezer (it will take up very little space) and when your ready simply slip it over your bottle and your wine will be cooled to your perfect drinking temperature in a very short time.

Are you often left with unfinished bottles of wine? It seems such a waste to just throw it away but it quickly turns vinegary and is undrinkable. The Wine Server from vacu vin can help solve this problem. Suitable for all bottles of wine (except the sparkling kind) the wine server is a vacuum pump that extracts the air from an opened wine bottle and re-seals it using a rubber stopper – problem solved!

Never struggle to remove a cork again as with minimal effort it is easily done using the Lever Corkscrew. Simply pull the handle down to insert the spiral in the cork and upwards to extract. Simple.

Overall we think any wine connoisseur would be glad to have these gifts as part of their collection. For more information please visit:

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