Let Your Wine Breathe This Christmas With Cellardine

Let’s be honest, most of us (adults of course!) like to indulge in some alcoholic beverages over Christmas now and again. We always have a bottle of red wine on the table but it’s tricky knowing the best way to serve red wine. Luckily Cellardine have released a Rouge o2 Electronic Wine Breather. We were kindly sent this to review.

We always stick a bottle of white wine in the fridge knowing that it will taste even better when chilled. Red wine is a different story. You’re not ‘supposed’ to chill red wine and so it’s difficult to know which temperatures and conditions you should serve red wine at to taste the best.

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Cellardine have released a Rouge o2 Electronic Wine breather that aerates and let’s wine breathe within less than one minute which helps to bring out the taste of your wine.

The electronic wine breather is the first of it’s kind. A one minute use of this, is equivalent to 1 hour of allowing your wine to stand. Perfect for those of us who haven’t got the time or patience to let our wine stand for an hour.

This is the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast and we have a funny feeling it will be working it’s magic at the office Christmas party this year!

For more information and to buy for £19.99, click here.

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