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Light Up Your House This Christmas With Dancing Stars Laser Light

Looking for the perfect way to get some festive lights onto your house without having the hassle of different sets of lights, wires and plugs? Dancing Stars laser is the answer, we were kindly sent this to review and here is our review of it:

When we first seen the box of the laser light we noticed it was the product we had, in fact, seen on TV! The front of the box showcased what the dancing laser light was like turned on. Taking the projector out of the box, which was fairly light, the instructions on how to set up were ready.

Before setting up we found a safe place in the garden for the Dancing Stars Light unit, putting the stake in the ground and positioning the lens we then connected the device to a suitable outdoor power socket.

Once the night drew in and it got darker (as this can only be operate in the dark/nighttime as it will only work then due to the fact it has a photocell)  we turned on the Dancing laser light and instantly came on with red & green dancing lights, which looked amazing! It light up our office building brilliantly and it really did look like we had lots of different lights on the building. There were 7 different options which were:

Red Dancing
Constant Red
Green Dancing
Constant Green
Dancing Red And Green
Constant Red And Green
All Combinations – changes every 10 seconds or so


We tried them all and our favourite was the constant Red and the dancing Red and Green! The laser has a built-in 6 hour timer and will automatically turn off after it has been in use for 6 hours which we thought was a great feature.

Overall we thought that the Dancing Stars Laser light was the perfect hassle-free way to have outdoor Christmas lights on your house/building and it was easy to set-up and to store away as we kept the box it came in.

You can buy Dancing Stars laser light from Kitchenway

What do you think of the Dancing Stars Laser light, would you use it instead of outdoor lights to make your house/building look all Christmassy? Comment below and let us know or share on social media.

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