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Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorer Pull ‘N Chatter Lobster

With it’s brightly coloured design and big googly eyes, Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorer Pull ‘N Chatter Lobster is set to be a popular toy for children ages 9 Months+ this Christmas 2015 which was kindly gifted to us. We earn a commission from links in this page..

The orange and yellow Lobster is a pull along toy whose claws, head and tail move whilst it is being dragged.

The toy is suitable for ages 9+ months and develops Gross & Fine Motor Skills, cause & effect and Balance and Co-ordination which at a young age is vital.

Released in Autumn 2015, this is a sturdy design which does not require batteries and luckily for mum’s, Dads and the dog who’s trying to catch some sleep, this doesn’t make much noise either.

The Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorer Pull ‘N Chatter Lobster  encourages your little crawler to walk which lets face it, is a lot better than us spending hours on end coaxing them with a biscuit… As if we would ever do that!

We reckon this is an ideal gift for young children this Christmas and think it will be used time and time again. This is available at Amazon

For more information please visit: www.littletikes.co.uk

Will it make it’s way under your Christmas tree this 2015?

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