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Living Nature’s Toys are oh-so-loveable!

Get ready to fall absolutely paws over hooves for Living Nature’s range of adorable soft cuddly toys including our favourite Arctic Fox and Standing Reindeer.

Living Nature Standing Reindeer and Arctic Fox

If your little one is constantly asking for a pet but you’re not so keen, then there IS a soft and cuddly alternative as Living Nature launch a host of utterly adorable (and pretty life-like) cuddly toys and yes, we’ve fallen head over heels for each them.

Living Nature Arctic Fox and Reindeer

Now, we know that the chance of owning an Arctic Fox and one of Santa’s reindeer is practically impossible, we mean they’re just so needed at the north pole, however, when we came upon Living Nature’s range of like-like animal stuffed toys, which are eco friendly and even have the Naturli leaf tag, we wanted every.single.one.

Living Nature kindly popped us over our very own Arctic Fox and Reindeer toy to keep us company over the cold, wintry months. We adored how they arrived in a cardboard pet carry case (handle and all!). Looking through the little windows, our hearts melted more than The Grinch’s when he found Christmas.

Living Nature Arctic Fox in Box

Staring at us with big dooey eyes and the fluffiest softest faux-fur were our new buddies – Artic Fox and Baby Reindeer. Now, here at UTCT, we’re huge animal lovers, so instantly we knew these two had their hooves and paws under our table.

Living Nature Arctic Fox and Standing Reindeer

There are so many different animals you can choose from, making it the ideal Christmas gift for animal lovers both young and old, plus when you are on Living Nature’s website they also share a fun fast fact about your toy such as Arctic Fox’s can survive in extreme temperatures as low as -50 and Reindeer’s hooves have the ability to grow in Summer and shrink in Winter, yeah our minds have gone!

Living Nature Arctic Fox standing

Prices start at around £14.99 and you can choose from loads of different animals including, dogs, cats, wildlife and more.

Living Nature Standing Reindeer Toy

Now, we’re just deciding on what to call our new furry friends?…