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Christmas Gift Review 2021: L’OCCITANE Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar

Looking for an extra special way to countdown to Christmas? Then look no further than L’OCCITANE’s Luxury beauty advent calendar. L’OCCITANE kindly sent this to review, here is what Mandy from our team thought.

Image Of L'OCCITANE Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar
Image credit: L’OCCITANE

Mandy said: “I do love looking at all of the advent calendars that are released and I could not wait to take a look at . As always, the packaging is lovely, it is bright, festive and just looks so luxurious.


Image Of L'OCCITANE Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar

There are 24 doors and the design has been set up so it is 2 large drawers and two long drawers. Inside the two top drawers and one of the long drawers, there are six boxes to open in each and in the other long drawer, there is 4 as there are two larger gifts to open.

Image Of L'OCCITANE Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar Contents

Opening up each of the doors was exciting as I knew this was packed with all of the bestsellers and some new surprises. I will not say what was behind all of the doors as I don’t want to ruin the surprise but I will name a few of the products that were included, 30ml Shea Milk Extra Gentle Soap, 10ml Shea Rose Heart Hand Cream – I do love this as I get dry hands in the winter and this really helps and finally 50ml Almond Milk Concentrate. I couldn’t believe all of the products that were included in this beauty advent calendar, it was packed and I knew that I would and will be using all of the items.

Image Of L'OCCITANE Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar Products

I also liked the fact that this advent calendar box could is handy to store each of the products back in so that I didn’t lose them or when I’m finished with the box, I could refill it with more products and reuse the box which is a great way to help to recycle and be sustainable.

Overall I loved the packaging, all of the products inside were just beyond what I thought would be included and I loved the fact I could reuse the advent calendar box.”

The L’OCCITANE Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar is limited edition and is available to buy online for £99 at . Last year’s L’OCCITANE advent calendar was packed full of beauty products and was one of the most popular online.