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Christmas Gift Review: Lush Beauty Advent Calendar 2021

Get your daily dose of perfect pampering as you countdown the days until Christmas with Lush 25 Days of Christmas 2021 Advent Calendar, here we review and see what’s all inside.

Here, Katy shares her verdict on one of this year’s hottest beauty advent calendars.

Lush beauty advent calendar 2021 - review

“We all know Lush’s advent calendars are like a treasure trove of goodies, and the brand ALWAYS includes new additions, so I wasn’t surprised that this year would be no different.

Firstly let’s hit the main plus points – Looks stunning, it’s vegan friendly and the super gorgeous trunk (which you can reuse after the festive countdown) is made from 100% recycled material.

Lush Advent Calendar - Box Closed with Clips

Incased in a deep navy blue and floral trunk, which I’m in love with! you can instantly smell the sweet scents of Christmas hitting you without even opening the box. Exactly like a trunk, there are two metal clips that hold the advent inside and for easy transport two handy handles. and the products are all safley hidden beneath blue paper.

Lush Beauty Advent Calendar Blue Paper Covering products

Once opened the calendar comes in two parts, which I do like, however, finding each day can be a little more tricky (thumbs up Lush!). Once I set it up (book style) it looked so nice. As always I’m not going to spill everything that’s inside, because who actually wants to spoil the surprises inside, however you can cheat and check at the back of the box.

Lush Advent Calendar 2021 Full

On the third day of December, my Lush box gave to me, Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar which honestly, smelt like cooking an actual cinnamon roll. Other products uncovered were Kris Mouse and Jolly Shower Gel. I’ve left loads to open but I just know I’m not going to be able to wait until December before taking a sneeky peek.

Lush Advent Calendar - Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar

Overal, this has to be one of the finer advent calendars I’ve came across, the packaging is luxurious, the products inside are true to deisgn, colour and more important smell, if you’re looking to turley slpash into indulgence this Christmas grab one of these bad boys before there out of stock”.

Lush Beauty Advent Calendar will cost £185 and is available to buy via Lush.com